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You Start Missing Everybody

Spencer: "You guys are really tense with each other. Like, one or the other of you has to be a particular amount of bad guy in order for the narrative to set you up, it's a mutual exclusion by the way the story's being told. So one of you must have been the one to mess with the visitor passes and ID badges. Was it Wren?"
Eddie Lamb: "This is me refusing to tell you yes, but yes."
Spencer: "Then this is me fake-taking my medication, and a good day to you."

She puts the pills in a baggie in her pillowcase, which is super lumpy because it has a million other things in there that we don't know about yet.


Caleb: "So you're avoiding me now, huh? How much direct questioning will it take before you come out with your ongoing weirdness about my dad?"
Hanna: "More than it should, less than you might think. I just don't want to fight you about it, and I want to be supportive, which means I have to pretty much not say anything at all because either way I lose, but yeah, he stole. He's a thief."
Caleb: "Check me out being totally reasonable about this, like I always am."


Aria: "Hey, I'm here to pick up Malcolm Mack? I'm kidnapping him BTW."
Karate: "Oh, somebody already kidnapped him."
Aria: "I have outdone myself, then. Who was it?"
Karate: "A haggard-but-beautiful chick in a black hoodie and creepy gloves, calling herself Aria 'The Child Catcher' Montgomery. See? She wrote it right here."
Aria: "Yep, figured. Any mysterious clues in his cubby? Yep, a horrible carnival just like in the book we're reading in English class. Thanks for nothing, Karate Lady."


As you can imagine, a carnival in Rosewood has about 120 percent more clowns than necessary.

In addition, there is the aforementioned Faustus puppet play, which is beautiful to behold -- life-size puppets, for starters -- but is made even more deliriously frightening by the fact that the entire audience, children and adults, are laughing hysterically at it, even though nothing funny is going on at all. Just manic panic up in there. And as the camera pans across these deformed Joker grins and helpless, terrifying, dead-eyed laughter, we land on Malcolm: Laughing along with the rest of them, as A's black glove sneaks in from off-screen to steal a little bit of his popcorn.

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