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The Ordeal Of Cold Water
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Emily, that torn rotator cuff is just ruining her life; it's real-life awful which can be worse than this-show awful, especially if it makes Emily sad, because Emily rules. Jenna's eyesight is going downhill again, but Shana will be there for her through thick and thin, because Shana only likes the truly crazy ladies. None of this Alison DiLaurentis shit for her, no sir: It's Paige and Jenna, all the way. Oh, and Spencer discovered a file on Wilden's relationship to the Great Marion Cavanaugh Mystery, literally nobody cared, Spencer barely cared, and in other news nobody cares about Aria and Ezra and blah blah blah Karate Jake.

And then there's Ashley, who is in jail for a murder she didn't commit, which is very sad because it takes her away from her two great loves, wine and her daughter. (Less sad, apparently, is that it took her away from her wonderful boyfriend Pastor Ted and his many baked goods, who I like about a billion times more than either Ashley or her daughter, I think because they are both secretly still pining for Mr. Marin to come back and forget his horrible other family. Or maybe it's because he gave a drunk werewolf a job, and then forgave him for stealing a bell and leaving town.) Luckily, Mona has turned herself in for the murder, because she is a supergenius and probably decided it would be easier to save (or kill) everybody from inside prison or something.


Gets interrogated. It's neat because she's acting inside of acting, so it comes off fake, but it's for us: We know this is her gift. The only reason the detective doesn't believe her is because her confession isn't matching the evidence exactly, but we won't know that until later, and anyway who knows: It could be that A changed it around so the Liars and/or Mona wouldn't necessarily know the whole story, but I think what's going on is, it's one of those Agatha Christie fakeouts where multiple people dunnit so nobody's story matches up. I can't remember how many bullets were... Found it.

".38-caliber revolver with six chambers, but only four bullets in there." So we know that the gun only fired two bullets. He may have been shot with three, but they found the gun and tested the gun -- they used ballistics testing, if you'll recall -- and there were four bullets in it. So something is hinky. We need Roma Maffia, I think that's what.

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