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The Ordeal Of Cold Water

Aria: "Either way, this could lead to A and who's setting up Hanna's mom..."
Spencer: "Not that we can get that shit out of her. Maybe we could eat her brain and learn her information that way. But then we might go blind."
Aria: "Let's pry her away from Shana and intimidate her because she's vulnerable, between going blind and all her friends getting murdered one by one."
Spencer: "Her stupid blindness. Toby says that surgery was basically a longshot miracle, did you know that? She can't even not be blind right."

Aria: "Speaking of Toby, and don't make me regret this, but what's he up to?"
Spencer: "Ironically enough, what none of us know is that the New York phone number out of Nigel's phone actually was a Jenna Thing thing. So he found one of the three apartments it goes to or whatever that whole deal was, and the landlord said he did rent that place to a girl. No name, but forwarded to a PO Box in Philly."
Aria: "...Which is where Jenna -- and only Jenna, now that Melissa's in London -- lives."

Paige: "Shut up and keep decorating. Never stop. It has to be perfect. PERFECT."
Liars: "You invited the swim team, correct? Emily's only other friends?"
Paige: "Yeah, but don't worry. I invited Shana, but only in a fucked-up rude way where she won't come."
Liars: "Could you undo that? She is babysitting Jenna until tomorrow so this is perfect. For us to be really aggressive and horrible to a blind girl, we mean."
Paige: "God forbid this party for Emily actually be about Emily, but sure."


Veronica: "Who wouldn't jump at the chance to help a formerly disgraced teacher that fucked my daughter's underage best friend?"
Ezra: "Thank you so much for this."
Veronica: "Listen, I love screwing single moms over more than anything, but I'm gonna give you a referral to somebody who does that. My specialty is apparently representing exclusively murderers of cops, and cops who are murderers."
Ezra: "But I can ruin her shot at this graduate program, right? That's the main thing."
Veronica: "Prove paternity and you can ruin a lot more than that, baby. Think big."


Aria: "We'll text you whatever is going on with Jenna and Shana once we attack them at this birthday party. And give your mom Welcome Home hugs! Since I can't hug my own mom, who is not coming home any time soon."

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