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The Ordeal Of Cold Water
Hanna: "She's home, but..."
Mona: "Great, you're welcome, goodbye, click."


Then she packs up her shit and heads out! Mona, where are you going? Where are your parents? What are they like? Do you have parents? Are they downstairs? Are they just life-sized dolls posed in eerie tableaux? What is the story with you? Why can't I know everything about you and your life and your inner thoughts and your Matrix powers and just be the Hanna that you think and talk about all the time nonstop? I would be a #1 Hanna. Think about it.


Aria is adorable some more. So adorable, in fact, that you might not notice what an asshole she's being.

Jake: "Hey, awkward. Family movie night, huh?"
Aria: "Yeah, I forgot or I remembered or something? Cars and birthdays and things."
Jake: "I mean, either don't lie -- which would be fine -- or try harder at it."
Aria: "You try harder. At dating giant blonde girls."
Jake: "I'm doing okay in that department, it would seem. You okay?"
Aria: "I'm fine, why wouldn't I be fine? You're the one who's not fine, not me you're the one who's not fine not me."

Jake: "So for the record you lied so I wouldn't even think to ask about coming with you -- which, get over yourself to begin with -- but now you're shooting sparks and steam because I came with some other girl?"
Aria: "Yeah it looks like you're having a great time."
Jake: "Aria. We are not dating. Per you. I'm your boyfriend in every other way, except that we are not dating. Again, by your command."
Aria: "I know that mister I know that I know because it was my idea. We're just friends."
Jake: "You're unnerving me? But also I am like, in love with you now?"
Aria: "Then it's working. I mean, no but yes. But go away! But come here. But I hate you! But I feel safe with you. But I'm at movie night! But I'm right here in front of you."

Watch and learn, ladies. That is how you do it.

Paige: "Anyway, there's this whole party going on for you inside, maybe we should hit pause on this breakup and go in there?"
Emily: "Good call."

Jenna: "If we don't get the fuck out of here I am going to lose it. LOSE. It."
Shana: "Coach Fulton probably had to hit like three other parties first. Just chill."

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