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The Ordeal Of Cold Water

Mona: "I told you, he grabbed me, he was gonna kill me, I fought back."
Cop: "And you pulled out a gun and shot him three times..."
Mona, verbatim: "No. For the fifth time, I shot him twice."

Or else maybe this is Mona's trick secret: That she knows he was shot three times, but can claim two and that way everybody gets out? She doesn't need to get arrested, just cast doubt on Ashley's arrest. And given the gun evidence, she's not outright lying. Is that right?

Mona's story is that on the Halloween Train, she heard the Queen of Hearts talking about how Garrett was going to tell the truth about what happened the night Alison died, which we know is true because that was on the tape. But why didn't she go to the cops then, considering they ended up killing him and putting him in a box with Aria?

Mona: "Well, I'd snuck out of Radley that night..."
Cop: "You snuck out of a mental institution?"
Mona: "Many times."

You kind of want her to be like, "Psh, yeah bitch," but her calmness and level gaze is much better: Like, What are you gonna do, arrest me for Aggravated Going Somewhere On A Train?

"Wilden was obsessed with trying to pin Alison's murder on my friends. I tried to blackmail him, but it didn't work. Once he realized I knew he killed Garrett, he became enraged. And he wouldn't let go. He left me with no choice. I had to kill him."

And why confess now? Obviously because she is obsessed with Hanna, duh. She doesn't even have to explain that part, just that it sucks that somebody -- "my best friend's mother" -- would go down for something she didn't do. He takes off and you wait and you wait for her sad scared worried teenager face to go away and the supergenius electric face of One Cool Customer to come back... There she is! There's Mona Vanderwaal, when nobody's looking.


Hanna and Spencer wake up downstairs in the pile of Beckett's boxes, looking hung over.

Veronica: "Just tell me one thing. Did you put Mona up to this?"
Liars: "That is hilarious that you would think that. Also, why didn't we think of that."
Veronica: "Because it's not really helping. It is only kind of helping. Like, some of the things she said contradict the evidence. But if you guys are involved in this, it will really screw Ashley."

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