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The Ordeal Of Cold Water
Spencer: "FYI, that bitch is crazy. I know she is doing this to fuck us, somehow."
Hanna: "Or else she just really did kill him, that would also be characteristic. Mostly I'm glad to find out that Ben is Glory and I didn't actually murder him like was brainwashed into me."

Spencer: "Hanna? Please look me in the eye and fucking tell me you had nothing to do with this."
Hanna: "...Define your terms."


Aria, still being awesome and hilarious like all season, watches Karate Jake put his perfect bod in some clothes through the front porch windows, while she tries to concentrate on any of this. It is a heroic effort.

Aria: "Wait, Hanna was planning on what? First of all, why is she like this. And secondly, why didn't she tell us thuuuuuhhhhh..."
Spencer: "[Hollering, presumably.]"
Aria: "No, I'm with ya. I'm totally paying attehhhhhh..."
Spencer: "WTF?"
Aria: "Look, I gotta say goodbye to Jake. He slept here last night."
Spencer: "NICE."
Aria: "No, he slept on the couch. I am still dicking around with his head, don't worry."
Spencer: "Whatever, creepy. Just shift ya ass."

Jake: "Was that about Mona?"
Aria: "You're a lot easier to understand when you're clothed. Uh, no. I gotta go meet Spencer about something unrelated to Mona, which that conversation wasn't about."
Jake: "Everything you say sounds like a lie. And you're so pretty and little!"
Aria: "I don't want to confide in you about this stuff, because I don't want anything to happen to your face."
Jake: "Can I get you breakfast at the Grille? To celebrate how you are sucking out my brain without even trying?"
Aria: "Spencer, I just said I have to..."
Jake: "Can I buy you coffee at the Brew?"
Aria: "Man, you don't quit. Personal boundaries are just like, a concept to you. Fine."


Paige: "Mona totally killed him, I just know it. She is the worst. Remember when she ran over Hanna?"
Emily: "I do. You weren't even on the show back then. Mostly I just want to know how it's gonna screw me and from what direction."
Paige: "God, stop talking about Mona. Let's talk about your birthday, which I have planned for you since you're homeless and also I got you an appointment with an Olympic swimming coach."

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