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The Ordeal Of Cold Water

Pastor Ted: "Just taking my silver fox ass on a jog, that's all. Oh hey, Hanna. I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear any of that. Or see your mascara running down your face like a loon. How's it, um, how's it going? Do you need counseling at this time?"
Hanna: "Nah. Just givin' him the hard-sell, you know. How you doin'? You old so-and-so. Sorry it didn't work out with Uncle Dad, but you know. You can't save 'em all."
Pastor Ted: "I was kind of thinking you'd call me back one of these days. I've been desperately worried about your mother, which whom I am deeply in love if you remember."
Hanna: "Yeah, I never really cared much about that one way or the other. Listen, though, can I be honest? This shit is bullshit. She's acting like she's not terrified and she doesn't even mind being in jail, and that makes me feel CRAZY, Pastor Ted. CRAZY."
Pastor Ted: "I dunno. Like, Jesus or something? Have faith that it'll work out?"
Hanna: "Fuck you, and fuck your useless God. All I need's a hundred grand. PEACE OUT, PASTOR TED."


Ezra is having the pout of his prissy little life. It's adorable and a little nervewracking, but not for old Maggie, who has had it it with his bullshit and it shows.

Ezra: "How long are you going to take finding an apartment in Seattle?"
Maggie: "The exact same amount of time as anybody else looking for an apartment? Don't worry about it."
Ezra: "I think Malcolm should stay here while you're looking."
Maggie: "I'm not worried about that."
Ezra: "But all my made-up pouty whiny baby reasons!"
Maggie: "Fine, he can stay with you while I'm there."

Like any pedo, though, he is adept at finding boundaries and testing them when he can.

Ezra: "Or you know, what if he just lived here? What if you were the parent he barely ever sees?"
Maggie: "Yeah, that's not happening."
Ezra: "Or ... is it? Because of my very important feelings?"
Maggie: "Um, no it simply is not? Leave my son with a man he met six months ago? I'm so sure."
Ezra: "Which is your fault for being a fucking bitch and letting my mother pay you off in the first place, ya dumb teen mom."
Maggie: "-- Right. Wow. Okay, well, he's not staying with you while I'm visiting Seattle. Congrats on being the Big Winner of This Argument, hope it keeps you warm in this lonely empty apartment."

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