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It Happened 'That Night'

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A Broken Bone

Spencer: "Ha! Fuck you. I'm out."
Garrett, verbatim just in case Spencer ever hears anybody saying this to her out loud and explicitly: "You're not safe, Spencer, and your friends aren't either... It's not over, do you hear me? ...I know who took the body!"

And then he's gone, shuffled off back into the jailhouse.


Is on a run when she comes across a powder-blue convertible that causes her to have some kind of repressed memory PTSD about the top opening, at the same time she's getting a mysterious text -- "I bet you remember me" -- and then the car speeds away. What is even going on?

My guess -- which will turn out to be wrong in a second -- is that she was at that blackout party, maybe roofied, sometime before or after Haiti, and something occurred relating to this car, which is now going to be her secret.

The fallibility of your memory has been a problem for some time now, kitten.


Hanna Is Wearing: A bikini, like a normal person.
Spencer Is Wearing: Daisy-dukes and a shirt with the tails tied, like a normal person.
Aria Is Wearing: Some overalls.

Emily Is Wearing: A look of pained insanity, as she runs into the back door having scared the Liars to death about what alibi she might have forgotten to give. Turns out they found her at her house last night, and she told them the alibi like they agreed. But she is still freaking out about it.

Emily: "Yesterday I spookily watched you from the Quad, and thought of a new way to blame myself for all the ills of the..."
Spencer: "No, honey. You are to blame for zero things. If we went overboard with shame every time one of us blacked out and woke up holding an implement of death we'd all be going nuts by now. Why are you freaking out?"

Emily: "Okay, I had another patented Emily Memory, like that time with the birthmark that led us to the snow globe that contained a secret compartment that contained a key that led us to the storage locker that contained a lunchbox that contained something I don't even remember what it was, maybe a USB drive, that presumably contained footage of more and more and more people yelling in Alison's bedroom? Maybe?"


Emily was in a convertible.


Aria: "Uh, that's it?"
Emily: "Yes, that is it. It is very important."

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