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It Happened 'That Night'

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A Broken Bone


Veronica: "Spencer, I exist right now so listen up. I have bad news."
Spencer: "Okay, got it. Were there any witnesses to this thing? I have to tell the Liars now. The missing body has been reported, and we're in the clear."
Emily: "I feel really bad about getting drunkenly tricked into going to that grave..."
Hanna: "Don't worry about it. It never happened."
Aria: "We can tell the cops..."
Hanna: "Tell 'em what?"
Spencer: "Yeah. Let's just make up a lie where we all came to this lakehouse, so we can be each other's alibis. That has never worked for us in the past, but who knows."


Ezra: "Man, you were having a shitty dream, huh? Too bad that friend of yours tried to kill all of you. Anyway, get over it. Everything's okay now. Listen, by the way, the newspaper has broken this hot story about how Maya, a teenager, found some crap belonging to another dead teenager, Alison. It's all over the news."
Aria: "That's interesting. Tell me more factoids."
Ezra: "It was evidence that Garrett killed Alison probably. And then he killed her. Let's talk about this Labor Day weekend. A special date!"
Aria: "The anniversary of my best friend's murder?"
Ezra: "No, silly! It was the anniversary of my statutory rape of you. In a bathroom."
Aria: "That sounds better."
Ezra: "Let's act it out. Doesn't that sound romantic?"
Aria: "I am no less horrible than you are, so yes."


Hanna puts on the largest necklace in the world, shopping with her mom. Who is on the prowl for a man!

Hanna: "Gross! You intimated that you are a sexual being! That's a word I know! And here are my terms. You can date, but you're not open for business."
Veronica, appearing: "...Ashley, are you opening a business?"
Marins: "How comical!"

Ashley and Veronica chat about how shopping is good for pushing your feelings down, and that probably you have to do a lot of shopping to get over the murder of two young girls and also an open grave.

Ashley: "Wait, so are we sure Garrett did this? Like, got somebody to dig that hole?"
Veronica: "There was actually an order to exhume the body, which hadn't been officially okayed. So probably there is a connection there."
Ashley: "Well, I'm just glad they were getting crunk at that lakehouse of yours."

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