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It Happened 'That Night'

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A Broken Bone

Veronica: "Yes. I am 100 percent sure that is the truth."

Spencer gets a call from Unknown, ignores it, and tells Hanna that Toby's been living at some kind of loft -- presumably on his Teen Construction Foreman's salary -- but comes over to shower every morning so she can get a look at what his momma gave him.

Hanna notices some Old Bitches gossiping about them, and correctly presumes that this has something to do with the constant onslaught of murders, attempted murders and other mayhem that is constantly happening to and around them.

Old Bitch: "Remember that fashion show that time? Noel Kahn was there, I know that much."
Other Old Bitch: "Remember when that blind girl was in a play? And how the blonde one is constantly running over people in cars or drowning them in boats?"
Old Bitch: "Remember when the lesbian one got hooked on HGH? And told the spooky incest one that his girlfriend was dating an actual grownup doctor, and then he fell off a building?"
Other Old Bitch: "Remember when they hanged that man in a church and then he was found suicided in a barn? Always with the barns. Barns and shovels."
Old Bitch: "Remember when their one friend tried to murder them outside of town while simultaneously murdering their other friend in her own home?"
Other Old Bitch: "Yep, those are some very interesting little girls."

Hanna: "Old Bitches! No we are not!"
Spencer: "Kind of we are. Like how that person called Emily with my phone while we were asleep. Hey, want to ignore the horror of our lives?"
Hanna: "No, I have to go see Therapy Anne. And not tell her anything about this latest thing."
Spencer: "Good to see you've learned your lesson about how therapy works."
Hanna: "Man, I almost stole this necklace just now! I better put that back."
Spencer: "...Okay, maybe you've learned a thing or two."


Hanna: "Just kidding, I am not visiting Dr. Anne. I am going to see the staring mess of Mona Vanderwaal."
Mona: "Braaaaaainzzzz."
Nurse: "She is, let's say, no longer existing in an adrenalized hyperreality. Or else if she is, it is in space."


Emily: "Man, my room is still chock-full of Dead Maya memories. The fishtank she turned my bedroom into, I mean. Here's a picture of me massaging ointment into her bunions. Here I am explaining Aria's clothing to her, and also dubstep. Here I am helping her across the street. That was a close one."

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