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Toby: "Must be tough having all your sentimental memories and height chart and stuff painted over and vanished."
Emily: "It reminds me of our friendship."
Toby: "Have we met?"

Just kidding, they totally are close still and it's nice. He razors off the entire height chart with the pocketknife he likes to carry just in case people start to think he's not creepy, and then Spencer texts to say she can't make it. They are both sad about that.

Emily: "Sorry I dumped you that time and we weren't friends for awhile."
Toby: "It was a weird time for everybody. You were turning into a lesbian and I was breaking up with my sister."
Emily: "Thank God you brought up my lesbianism. Let's have a frank chat about my sexuality and your odd place in its blossoming."
Toby: "I'm no fool. I knew you were in love with Maya."
Emily: "I really miss talking to you. Texas is stupid."
Toby: "All it took was three seconds of this scene to make us best friends again. It's going to be fine."

She kisses his cheek, it is awesome.


Ezra, in his PJs: No idea.
Aria: No idea.
Ezra: No idea.
Aria: No idea.

I guess they're back together. (I guess this show knows what side its bread is buttered on, additionally.) Maybe they talked about Ian and maybe Ezra believes her about the story and maybe he tried to be her boyfriend and tried to be her friend and maybe he stood around looking amazing for a long time and maybe they talked about Jackie Molina breaking up with him as usual, and maybe he gave no real information about that as usual, and maybe he was not quite over Jackie Molina when he fucked a child in the washroom of a local pub. I cannot vouch for any of that but it's definitely possible that those things happened. Put a damn shirt on, Ezra Fitz! We're recappin' over here.

A: Something creepy about a photograph inside Ezra's apartment, something has been taken from his place, and also his housekey is missing from the welcome mat. Possibly Aria should tell Ezra about this, but I don't see how she even can. Aria's life is so hard. So complicated, so hard. So very dumb.


Aria: Refers to A as "Shim," I guess because now that Mona is dating Noel Kahn everybody wants to be like her. That's the most logical guess, from where I'm standing. I myself will be dressing like the Hamburglar from now on.

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