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Tear Off Your Own Head

Hanna: Mistakes a Playbill in Ezra's office for a Playboy. Which is funny on many levels, because which is more likely if you've ever met Ezra Fitz.
ibid., additionally: Is literally unable to identify a typewriter on sight. I have missed her so goddamn much.

Emily & Spencer: "Um, A is kind of scary sometimes. Like that time she ran over Hanna and didn't even stop. Or that time she pushed Ian's ass off a tower and strangled him to death. Somebody is going to die, I can feel it. I really hope it's not Ezra. Especially not if he's going to be walking around half-naked from now on. We should tell Therapy Anne about this huge obvious scary thing that's happening to us. That way, it is her that will be murdered. Or is A."

Liars: "Normally this is the point where one of us decides to dig in and refuse to go along with the group. Who's going to be the one this time?"
Nobody: Does.

Aria: "And it's not like we'd be betraying Garrett if we showed her that entire terabyte of creepy videos that Alison stole from Ian and then put in a storage space in a lunchbox that could only be opened by a secret key that she stashed in the secret compartment of that snowglobe that she gave Emily that one time."

This Show: Is so fuckin' amazing, dude.

Hanna: "Plus her Chlo├ęs were gorgeous."
Spencer: "Goddammit, Hanna."
Hanna: "No, I'm serious. You can tell a lot about a person from their shoes."

(Feathered Carrie Bradshaw Blahnik knockoffs by Johnathan Kayne, orthopedic riding boots from some museum, Birkenstocks [cute ones, but still], and for Hanna I would say... Sigerson Morrison booties, in some outlandish Mona-inspired color. Those girls love their color-blocking.)


Anne: "Sure! As a professional I always have time for the craziest girls in town. Whenever you want."
Hanna: "Explain doctor/patient privilege to me. Also Tory Burch makes the Claudia boot in brown?"
Liars: "Jesus God, Hanna."
Even Anne: "Seriously."

Hanna: Is onto something, obviously. Maybe at the end of this episode in the A Tag we'll see them stomping around in some mud, or later in the demi-season it will matter, but she's not being an idiot this time. Once is funny, but this is twice and I already had a feeling it would matter. Now we know.

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