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Tear Off Your Own Head

A/V Emily: "I've got video ready to go, but I think we should talk about it first before the shocking footage."
Hanna: "Aria, you're the poet here. Spin us a word-portrait."
Aria: Starts in with like the Gilgamesh version of things.
Spencer, verbatim: "...THIS TALK IS PREMATURE."

For she has spotted Ezra's diploma on Therapy Anne's wall! Perhaps just like Kitty Walker on Bros & Hos, Aria is accidentally dating the authority figure's son, across generational lines. Get out of there, girls! Regroup! Too weird!

Liars: Stare openly at the diploma and shut that computer real quick.
Anne: "What the hell just happened here?"
Hanna: Totally steals the diploma, like an insane person.
Anne: "Um, you guys called me? Emergency session? Remember?"
Liars: "Yeah, this is how we roll."
Anne: "Where you roll is the direction of Crazytown. I officially cannot handle your mess."


Or wait, so I guess the thing that was missing from the picture of Ezra's house -- besides shirtless Ezra posing on the furniture -- was the diploma, and A put it on the shelf of Anne's office so that they'd know she knew they were thinking of coming clean to her about all their dirty business. Which makes sense in the context of this bizarre show, but I can't believe none of them jumped to the same thing I did. Well, maybe Aria would have, but I don't think she ever even knew what was going on and just went with the Liars because they all trust each other, so this explanation actually makes more sense.


Ella & Byron: "Aria, sorry to interrupt your fevered Fitz-assigned reading, but Therapy Anne called and she said you guys can't attend sessions together anymore. Also, you are getting on her fucking nerves."
Aria: "Yeah, that's valid."
Ella & Byron: "Also, this is dicey but she thinks you four Liars need some time apart from each other. Which sucks because obviously you should all be able to trust her, but in this context makes her just another grownup enemy. Essentially she thinks you four might be headed into some sort of reality-disconnect folie à quatre."
Aria: "I can't argue with that, in one way, but in reality I can assure you we're not doing that."

Ashley: "And here I thought it was you and Mona that would eventually pull a Heavenly Creatures on us."
Hanna: "I cannot handle being mothered right now in any way."

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