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"A" mysterious person lays out various weapons from the game Clue while listening to a French lesson on the hi-fi; little does she know that Spencer's just noticed a clue of her own, a bit of paper complete with Braille writing on it, smuggled out between the pages of L'Attrape-cœurs: "You might be right, I found this mysterious thing in my sister Jenna's room."


More Things With Jenna, including the Thing From Jenna's Room. Spencer hires a priest to exorcise Melissa's baby; Melissa assumes it's because she's getting too much attention. Aria somehow decides that Ella and Byron's relationship is a tricky way of breaking her up with Fitz, and goes ballistic. Emily ends up locked up in a person-sized suitcase, fighting for air, because Paige McCullers is going on a little trip. Hanna stands outside Aria's bedroom window with a ghetto blaster, tears pouring down her face, but Aria just throws meat at her from Sausage Heaven until she goes away. Finding himself all wet and without a towel in the Rosewood High locker room, Noel Kahn must both shake off and air dry, in slow motion, to the tune of Garbage's 1996 Billboard chart-topper "#1 Crush."

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