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Variations on Solitaire

Ella: "So now we've both lied for Emily. Role Models 2012. But like, why did you do it?"
Ezra: "I'm going to keep saying it's not to make you like me, or so Aria will blow me. You won't believe me -- nobody could, ever -- but I'm going to keep saying it. And throwing out pathetic references to our friendship of old, back before I fucked your child in secret."
Ella: "Uh huh. Well, enjoy the soda, little man."


Liars: "I can't believe she goes to gun stores, with her working eyes. Driving her car, kidnapping folks and going to target practice with her ear plugs. God, she's a monster."
Spencer: "In Me News, Melissa didn't lose her baby in June, and there are no medical records as far as I can tell."
Liars: "Does that mean anything? And if so, pray tell, what?"
Hanna: "Who cares, there's Jenna. Let's beat the shit out of her."


Mona: "Of the many solitaire variations my Uncle Ned taught me, one of them is called Blondes & Brunettes. That's a clue."
Caleb: "You do seem to enjoy games. That was sarcasm."
Mona: "Listen, I live in an adrenalized hyperreality. I have a lot more spare time to fill than you Muggles, with your days that only have 24 hours in them."
Caleb: "Okay, well, whether you're crazy or not, please leave Hanna alone."
Mona: "You too are such a cute couple!"
Caleb: "Ugh, you're being so Mona right now. Laughing at all of us, there inside your head. But in the end, I get to walk out that door. Whether or not this is a trick, or an insanity plea, or just part of the game, I get to do that."
Mona: "You are a terrible kisser."

And just like that, she leans over, flips the table into the air, and screams directly in his face until the orderlies take her away. Caleb, whose acting is phenomenal this entire episode, makes a very unappealing face of fear as he leaves. You could almost miss it, in the glorious Mona-ness of this Mona scene, but it's really neat to watch him these days.


Is what the Liars have Jenna, in an alley. The first rule is, "Never go with bitches to a second location." Jenna has broken this rule, and has allowed the Liars to chase her into a blind alley, and I was fairly certain for much of this scene that they actually were going to beat the shit out of her, which made it even more stressful than a Jenna scene usually is.

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