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Kingdom Of The Blind

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Veronica: "No big deal, just going over all this paperwork to get your friends' murderer out of jail."
Spencer: "Did we mention that he's also charged with arson in the Jenna Fire? That also."
Veronica: "Anyway, I have high hopes about this. The Rosewood PD doesn't do great with evidence, historically speaking."
Spencer: "Well, I heard that! But also, wasn't that itself mostly due to Garrett screwing with the evidence?"
Veronica: "Anyway, thanks for your support."
Spencer: "It wasn't... I'm not... Fuck it, that's not even why I'm here."

Spencer: "I've been doing some investigating of my own, and do you know what I found? When Melissa was alone in Hanover, and she got sick, and she lost her baby, she didn't go to a hospital. There were no records. She just stayed at the resort, which is where you went to go meet her."
Veronica: "This is according to Melissa?"
Spencer: "Melissa wouldn't tell me if my hair was on fire."
Veronica: "That's a terrible way to talk about your..."
Spencer: "-- Mother. She went up there looking pregnant, and you brought her back down not pregnant. She was faking. So did you know that before you went up there? And is that why I wasn't allowed to come?"
Veronica: "No. That's just because we are teamed up against you. But as far as the fake baby or miscarriage, I wasn't ... entirely surprised to learn about this when I got there. As for facts or dates or why any of this is relevant, you'll have to get stonewalled by her. For I am quite busy, darling."


Ezra: "Hey, Emily! You look very empowered and self-actualized today."
Emily: "Don't you start."
Ezra: "Just don't blame Ella, okay? It was my idea to make things better slash worse for you."
Emily: "I mean, this is not what I need from my teachers."
Ezra: "Valid."
Emily: "And it makes me feel like there's nothing you would do that isn't about Aria."
Ezra: "I've been saying it's not about her, but you're probably right that I'm lying."

Emily: "Or at the very least, you guys feel comfortable crossing the teacher/student boundaries because of that relationship. Like, you dating Aria has just completely broken down the barrier that makes young people feel safe about authority."
Ezra: "Honey, this is Rosewood. That barrier was a malignant lie well beforehand."

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