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Kingdom Of The Blind

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Variations on Solitaire

Lucas: "I am not your pet! And anyway, you guys have bigger problems."
Caleb: "I know all about A."
Lucas: "Not possible, but in any case Mona-A was just the tip of the iceberg. And icebergs flip over. Science."
Caleb: "I think I understand that metaphor."


Emily: "I think I may be getting punk'd by grading."
Ella: "No, it's fine."
Emily: "But I didn't do that test and then got a 94 anyways."
Ella: "Don't stress about it."
Emily: "No, I don't think you..."
Emily: "Ah. Hmm. Okay, so it's not a ghost ninja, just an adult misusing her authority on my behalf. I get that? And yet I'm still bothered. You may not have noticed -- nobody ever does no matter how many times I come out and say it -- but I am totally hardcore these days."
Ella: "Me too, girlfriend. Me too."


Melissa: "Hey, Spencer. I'm randomly here."
Spencer: "Hey, I'm actually happy to see you. Let's start a stopwatch and see how long it takes before you completely..."
Veronica: "My daughter Melissa! And Melissa's sister, my other daughter! I just wanted you to know I'm Garrett's lawyer now. For reasons."

They talk for a while about how defense law is a thing that exists, but Spencer is not having that shit. Anybody else it would be a whole thing to discuss, but it's Spencer: The Platonic Ideal of what a DA should be like. No sense even trying to explain what a defense attorney is called upon to do.

Veronica, verbatim: "He convinced me of his lack of guilt as pertains to the charges."
Spencer: "But I don't understand how criminal law works! Shouldn't we just hate him?"
Veronica: "We can hate him and still deliberate whether he's guilty of the charges before the court. Plus, as I said, other reasons."
Spencer: "He killed my best friend! He killed my other best friend's girlfriend!"
Veronica: "Nah, he didn't."

Spencer: "Melissa! Surely you have a dog in this fight."
Melissa: "Whatever would make you feel safe and supported, just assume I'm going the other way. And in case you feel like bugging me about that, I'll remind you I feel totally comfortable playing the miscarriage martyr card at any time, no matter how irrelevant it is to what you're saying."

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