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Kingdom Of The Blind

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...No idea. None.


Jenna is playing the Creepster Flute facing a mirror, so she can watch Aria play the piano and fuck around with her stuff, but of course Aria doesn't remember that half the time, so she just blatantly stares at all of Jenna's stuff, looking for the obvious single clue that this scene exists to pass on.

Jenna: "Let's take a break and chat about Emily. How is the old girl?"
Aria: "I'm going to take that question at face value, because I am a halfwit."
Jenna: "I can't see her face, so I can't really tell, but the heart can only take so much."
Aria: "Life is tough all around, sister."
Jenna: "And how about that Mona! Adrenalized hyperreality, I heard."
Aria: "I'm still kind of pissed at her for trying to kill us over and over. To be honest."
Jenna: "Guess it worked out pretty well for you bitches, huh."
Aria: "Well, at least for me. As per usual."
Jenna: "Oh, I also wanted to ask about your dead best friend's grave. How weird, right?"
Aria: "As long as nobody suggests we had anything to do with it. You know what a grave crime being found with a shovel can be, in Rosewood. And the statute of limitations never runs out. On shovel-having crimes."

In the middle of this subtle-as-a-grenade interrogation, Aria locates the clue, which is an address and time with the notation, Wednesday -- bring earplugs. Probably one of those blind people raves that are such a big deal these days. Trust me, it's not the safest situation.


Liars: "Earplugs? God, how I hate her."
Hanna: "Are we sure it means this Wednesday? I do wish people would be more specific with their clues."
(FWIW, a little of that goes a long way. Hang enough lanterns and you'll end up with just lanterns, all the way down. Misha Collins on Twitter all the goddamn time.)
Aria: "She was concerned about you, Emily. Presumably trying to figure out if you remember her kidnapping you that time."
Emily: "My faulty memory, kittens. It's like trying to read a book and someone keeps ripping out the pages."

Spencer: "In Me News, I have decided that Melissa got my mom to defend Garrett."
Liars: "Maybe the whole blurted 'medical records' thing wasn't about Jenna at all, maybe... Whoa! Do you think that he is the father of her miscarriage? And if so, why marry Ian instead?"

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