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Kingdom Of The Blind

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Variations on Solitaire

Spencer: "Uh, because he's way less ethnic? My family isn't rocket science."


Aria: "I think my mom might be getting fired, so I guess she can't drive me to your house."
Ezra: "Cool. I am stressing about jobs too."
Aria: "Have you ever helped out a student?"
Ezra: "You mean like a hand job?"
Aria: "No! Like, filling in their answers on a test."
Ezra: "Oh, gotcha. No. Sounds like something I'd do, though. Is this theoretical?"
Aria: "No, connect the dots please. I have only said two things in this whole conversation."
Ezra: "Ah, your mom. Sorry, I was still thinking about hand jobs."
Aria: "Anyway, so do you think my mom will get fired?"
Ezra: "Yes. Yes, I do. Unless I do something about it."


Mona: "Girl! That new medication they got me on makes my mouth real dry!"
Hanna: "I notice it makes you act basically normal. I mean, Mona Normal. Do other people visit you? Does Lucas visit you maybe? The Red Queen? The Black Swan? The various other members of the NAT or A-Teams?"
Mona: "My parents, but that's kinda awkward. You know, because they reared a psychopath supergenius who lives in an adrenalized hyperreality. But I gotta say, it was helpful having you visit. Even when I was quiet, I knew you were here."

I like it when people use quiet in that way. I remember talking to a showrunner's wife one time, about the times between his successes and how they made ends meet or things work, and she described it that way, with such a beautiful dignity: The quiet times, she called it. The times when things were quiet. I always think about that during the crazier or less healthy times of people or myself, "This is just a quiet time for right now."

Mona, amazingly: "Really! I mean, let's be honest. We've had our ups and downs..."
Hanna: "Uh, the fuck you say..."
Mona: "... And I've had to forgive myself for a lot of that. But how are you, Hanna Banana?"
Hanna: "Bitch, this ain't how that's going down. What the fuck? Stay on topic. You know the texts are back, you know it's not over, and you know that putting you in here did not solve the problem. Explain how you know these things. Or fucking else."

Mona: "I'm sorry somebody's giving you such a hard time. You have to be so careful these days. It's like you can't trust anybody. (1) Not even (2) family!"

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