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Let The Water Hold Me Down

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A Dream Is A Fitz Your Heart Makes
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Hanna had two problems: One was that the other Liars wanted to use Caleb's cyberwolf powers for their intended purpose, which would get him killed by A. The other was that Lucas was acting even weirder than usual and she decided he was trying to kill her, so she killed him first.

Meanwhile, Emily was working a teen hotline and trying to negotiate a new relationship with old flame Maya; Aria was stalking poor terrified Ezra Fitz with the lunatic eyeballs of a poet scorned; and Spencer... I mean, she was doing her thing. Her crazy, scary, awesome thing. Oh, and Noel Kahn and Mona were back together, which generally means good things for the harvest, in the ways of our people.


Well, Noel Kahn has broken up with Mona again. I think that's pretty important. But first, let's see what happened immediately after Hanna murdered her best guy friend and secret spare boyfriend for no real reason other than A) the rampant paranoia that rules these young ladies' lives, and B) the rampant creepiness that is Lucas's natural legacy.

Liars: "Hanna, once again your luck with modes of transportation rivals that of the Kennedy Clan. Have a blanket and some soup and call your boyfriend back."
Hanna: "I'd prefer to stare out this window thinking about how Lucas is probably out there somewhere still trying to kill me, despite all evidence to the contrary."
Spencer: "How long is that going to take? Because that bizarre clue Caleb gave us last week about the dolls living in my attic is still something nobody is interested in hearing."
Aria: "And while we're on the subject of me, I wish Ezra would call me back."

Emily: "Is it ruled out that Lucas is being manipulated by A, like we're constantly being? Doesn't that make more sense than anything else?"
Hanna: "I forgot to tell you this one during The Case Of The Stump, but Lucas totally destroyed Alison's memorial last season. That fact seems more important to me tonight."
Liars: "Well, Alison was awful to him and we all knew that. Any one of us could have done that. The girl was awful."
Hanna, slugging out of her ever-present "water" bottle: "And yet. Yet, perhaps, I am now that stump."

Aria: "Hanna! Don't drink that!"
Hanna: "Why? Is it not vodka?"
It Is: Not. It is lake water. Gross!
A: "Choke on this lake water, bitch!"
Hanna: "Please don't tell me A is coming back up my ass. I thought for sure Aria was going to get it next."

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