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Something is lacking in the transition from stage to screen, not sure what, but Spencer and Aria stand near this newsstand called SMITTY'S NEWSSTAND for about ten minutes talking about where is Smitty's and perchance it is this very newsstand they are standing at which is clearly labeled SMITTY'S NEWSSTAND, and they talk about how sometimes Spencer's creepy parents could be getting magazines from there, or maybe Melissa -- who lives a few blocks away -- could be doing the same, or be A, and then just as abruptly as they toss out these theories, they decide the recon trip was a bust, and Aria heads off to meet Holden for the play.

Meanwhile, Spencer goes into some kind of fugue state where you see two red cars and suddenly it's like almost all the cars are red that you can see and the Matrix has you. Only instead of red cars everywhere, it's blind people. Probably they are amassing on Jenna's orders and she's about to get some Blind Justice upside the head, but not even Spencer is crazy enough to go there first: In fact, there must be a blind people place around here somewhere. So she goes to find that, abandoning the last -- what -- six clues that brought her here.


Emily tells Maya about the crisis hotline and they do a lot of hand-holding and canoodling because what is more romantic than suicidal teens, and they have this complex plan about getting dinner before the show but then Maya gets another mysterious call and begs off, saying they can just meet up later. And while any of the Liars would just to this conclusion, it's a symptom of being Emily -- and maybe even moreso, a symptom of dating somebody as all-out sketch as Maya -- that she presumes A is involved somehow.


The lady at the Blind People Rehabilitation Center is none too helpful, even though Spencer puts on her best authority-pleasing grin and tries to make her fall in love. But no, patient records are confidential and no amount of "I randomly remembered my best friend use to be blind here" is going to budge her. Luckily, there's an angelic-looking blind feller just sitting around being blind nearby, who overhears the whole thing and immediately offers Spencer all his Jenna Marshall intel.


Emily: "You sure do keep washing your ubiquitous water bottle over and over."
Hanna: "How am I supposed to keep my vodka handy if it tastes like shame and lake water?"
Emily: "Valid. Hey, remember how I'm kind of dating that girl Maya? I think maybe she is being harassed or blackmailed by A."
Hanna: "She's not."
Emily: "Okay but then why is she being so cryptic?"
Hanna: "Literally a million possible reasons. People will surprise you. Like for example, Caleb and Mona are pissed at me because of things I can't tell them. Likewise, maybe Maya is just trying to protect you from something. Count your blessings, baby girl."
Emily: "We are both having the same problems in opposing ways."

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