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A Dream Is A Fitz Your Heart Makes


Aria: "Holden! I'm so excited about our very real, not at all an excuse for stalking, very much honest attempt at getting together! Here, have some more hilarious preschool in-jokes."
Holden's Mother: Sounds like a trip, from what they're talking about.

Ezra gets out of a towncar and when he sees Aria staring at him he gulps and maybe pees a little. All he is thinking about is how pretty he is and what is going to happen in prison; all she is thinking about is how fucking magical and romantic it is, that they just happened to run into each other on this sidewalk where she knew exactly where he would be. Possibly he sees the crazy look in her eyes and realizes that they never even really knew each other; mostly he just looks like he's going to ralph.

Some Rosewood Teacher Lady: "Hey, what a coincidence! Holden, I haven't seen you since you were in preschool with Aria here."
Holden: "Allow me to entertain you with some hilarious anecdotes about that."
Teacher: "So you guys like Arthur Miller, huh?"
Holden: "Kind of. What's this play about?"

A View From The Bridge? Glad you asked. It's about this guy who is obsessed with his niece, who lets his wife's illegal immigrant cousins stay at their house until the niece falls in love with the gay one, then suddenly starts getting really weird on everybody and eventually gets everybody deported, ironically except the gay one, who is engaged to his niece. And like that's not a bad enough day, he gets into a fight with the awesome brother of the gay one, in front of the whole neighborhood and everybody figures out he's the traitor, and then he attacks the awesome brother and dies, The End.

Teacher: "I think it's about Lucas and Caleb. Anyway, there's my Platonic date, Ezra Fitz. See you kids inside!"
Aria: Stares so hard at Ezra she walks into a wall.


Spencer gets home from the city -- I guess the train station is also where Therapy Anne used to work before she disappeared -- and immediately Spidey senses that she is going to be murdered. But then it's not a crazed psycho! Just Mona Vanderwaal. Regular psycho.

Mona: "It would have been nice to ride back from the city with you, since I don't have any friends and my boyfriend just broke up with me. Hey, could you tell Hanna I'm sorry for being so weird about... Never mind, you know what."
Spencer: "No, you're being really pathetic and it's turning on my compassion for you, which I didn't even know was a thing. Sorry things are rough with Hanna. I myself had to dump my boyfriend for reasons that are not material to this conversation."
Mona: "Like I went to the city to get some shopping therapy but I think somehow either I am growing as a person or the breakup has driven me insane, because I bought these five cashmere-blend twinsets, which did not fill the void."

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