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Em and Hanna case the joint, electricity just as gone as the phone line, but Aria's nowhere to be seen. Hanna calls her for about the millionth time, and Meredith sneaks up on them in the darkness.

Meredith: "Let's all go down to the basement to check on Aria. That sounds safe and fun, right?"
Emily & Hanna: "Sure. I mean, we know for a fact that you're holding her hostage, why wouldn't we let you lock us in the basement?"

Meredith locks them in the basement. They eventually find Aria on the floor, and are amazed that something has happened to her. She will not revive!

You know what's funny about this? Even though Aria's getting like the cumulative knocks she's been avoiding the entire series to date all at once, it still has nothing to do with A. This is just random mayhem! I mean, I guess it was that Spencer carried the "Who Killed Alison" storyline for so long, and then after Maya it was Emily for a while, so now that Byron is officially the prime suspect, it makes sense that A is more concerned with Spencer and Hanna because Aria's dealing with other stuff. But it's still funny. "I can't be arsed to worry about Mona Vanderwaal this week, guys. Too busy getting chased around my house by a substitute teacher with a knife."


Hanna: "Probably this is going to work out okay."
Aria: "What? I got a bump on my head and I'm still high on drugs. This bitch has lost it."
Emily: "She's pacing around up there, it's freaking me out. How about we give her the pages, and then beat her ass?"
Aria: "Did you not notice how she just singlehandedly took all of us hostage?"
Emily: "I beat Noel Kahn's killer robot house, I can take this chick."

Byron arrives, since clearly now is the time for everything to go even more to hell.

Byron: "Meredith, what are you doing pacing around my house bleeding on everything? Where is my daughter? Why are you staring into the fire? What the hell is going on?"
Meredith: "She has proof about how you killed Ali. And her friends all know it."

Aria: "I'm still gonna say probably my dad is not going to kill all of us."
Hanna: "For real? Because here he comes."
Byron: "Aria, are you okay? Hanna, why are you brandishing that weapon at me? I swear I didn't hurt Alison..."


Byron: "We both love Aria, I know you wouldn't hurt her."

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