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Wait Until My Clothes Cling To My Frame

Ali: "I am totally the worst, sir. This is your last shot to save yourself."
Byron: "Yes. To save my own soul, I mean."

Melissa came out onto her porch, grousing at Garrett on the phone, and Byron just smugly walked away. Seems his plan was to tell Ella about the affair so Alison wouldn't have anything on him, but then once she disappeared, it just got to a point where it would be weird. That is so Byron. But I guess this is his comeuppance, because now he's got three wild girls in the basement and Meredith having gone fully bonks upstairs.


Spencer, waiting in the dark for her anniversary dinner to begin, surprises A with the Lair 3.0 key. Oh, honey. Toby just stands there in her kitchen looking shocked. I kind of don't want to see what happens next.


Spencer tosses the key aside and sniffles, and he turns around in his hoodie looking insane as usual. She gets a damn good right hook in, and he just stares.

Toby: "How long have you known?"
Spencer: "Since I ganked this Radley laminate from your house earlier."

Veronica comes in, and Toby vanishes. Spencer falls into her mom's arms and just starts sobbing. Everything is so intense! What an utterly shitty night. You know if you're going to Veronica Hastings for comfort that you are at your lowest possible point.


Byron: "...Well, Meredith has vanished from Rosewood sometime in the last ten minutes, according to the cops. That checks out, right?"
Aria: "So if you told us about the affair, why keep this stuff a secret?"
Byron: "There were no suspects when her death was ruled a murder. It would look weird."
Aria: "Um, it does look weird. Check out these diary pages."
Byron: "Why didn't you talk to me about it?"
Aria: "Meredith kind of made me feel like you were a killer of little girls."
Byron: "Do you even partially think I did this? Because if so, I am even more of a royal fuckup as a parent then I thought. You know what, I'm turning myself in."
Aria: "Going to the police? What an outlandish thing to do, according to me and my friends."

Still looking amazing and makeup-free, Aria tosses the diary pages in the fire. He's proved his point. Or has proved that Aria is even more of a sucka than we thought, which is kinda Herculean as a task in its own right.

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