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Wait Until My Clothes Cling To My Frame

Hanna: "And you were talking about me and Mona because...?"
Caleb: "She is very concerned about bullying?"
Hanna: "Mona ran that lady off the road on the other side of the country. You shouldn't be talking to her -- or anybody -- about Mona. Eat your Soy Flakes."
Caleb: "Um, she ran you over with about eleven cars. And after that shit you pulled last week she's probably going to blow up our entire town anyway. Just let me do whatever White Knight bullshit I need to do that will result in my injury or death. Or that of my mother. Let's see you in some five-inch heels. And you better twerk."


Toby's running around naked and wet for some reason? Must be Tuesday.

Toby: "I just keep taking showers all the time!"
Spencer: "It's cool. Do not stress about it."
Toby: "Ever since I left home and became a contractor, I find I don't know how to do basic things. Like how change drops out of the holes in my pants pockets, and I never seem to have a shirt on my body."
Spencer: "I can take care of those basic survival things for you no problem. Remember how I made that Mary Queen of Scots costume that one Halloween? Back when your sister could still see? Anyway, I wish that we could hang out later for our anniversary, but they're throwing this dinner for my dad..."
Toby: "You have a dad?"
Veronica: "And a mother too! It is me, Veronica Hastings! Why do you never have a shirt on?"
Toby: "Pretty sure you get it, Mrs. H."
Veronica: "Anyway, sorry you have to go to your dad's dumb dinner, but we're a 'family' and since your sister's up the coast stealing vampire blood, you are it."

Toby, still shirt-free, takes off. The dinner is just a ruse! Peter Hastings is only pretend! Veronica Hastings, smiling for the first time in her life, is even more beautiful than usual.

Veronica: "I made this same lasagna for your dad on our first anniversary. And see how well that turned out?"


Aria: "Who's that creepin' around? What time is it?"
Meredith: "I was just hoping you'd be passed out from all the drugging of you I've been up to, so I could look around for those pages of Alison's diary. Hey, where are they?"
Aria: "Not a chance, bitch. Even half blitzed I still know better than that. Do you know what I did with my phone? It was right here by the couch..."

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Pretty Little Liars




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