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Wait Until My Clothes Cling To My Frame

Meredith: "Hey, if she sounds really loopy ask her to leave any diary pages she might have just lying around, okay?"

Ella calls Aria's phone, and you know girlfriend's got that bitch right in her purse, already on silent. Meredith makes the scariest face as she declines the call! She's really growing on me, let's be real. If you're going to be abducting and drugging children, you should at least be like detail-oriented about it. That's what was so dumb about Cousin Nate: Whole lotta ambition, but he didn't cover the fundamentals. You never see the robot house coming. You never know when a werewolf is going to chase you around a lighthouse, or a lesbian is going to stab you through the abdomen. And it's exactly this kind of hyperadrenalized go-power that separates your Merediths from the Nates of the world.


Caleb has gotten layers or something. Lot less volume these days. It's cute, like a sk8erboi kind of thing instead of the wolf-mop. I don't guess that's what Hanna meant when she sent Emily to spy on him, but it's certainly something to think about. Anyway, Mona comes out of school on his heels, and goes through about six different emotional states of freakiness before joining her buddies for a little afterschool chatting and fun. What do you think they talk about? I say it is a role-playing game club, and she is the gamesmaster of their tabletop adventures. She would be super good at that.

But this is about Caleb, isn't it. Emily gives chase. Worth noting that Caleb's Mercedes still has its Cali plates? Probably.


Scrabble, lasagna, wine. Bitter disappointment on the horizon. A scary poster on Toby's kitchen wall and his orderly's laminate for sneaking in and out of Radley in his desk drawer. Spencer doesn't notice [he wrote, missing out entirely on the subtext here the first time around] but I do wonder if today's the day Spencer figures out about Toby? It seems like it might be, since Marlene co-wrote and directed this one I'm guessing some major shit is going down.


This is a fun little sequence! It just keeps going. Hanna does, in fact, look very fashion-forward: Tailored geometric dress, side-chignon that sticks out in a way that would look semi-crazy on anybody else. The effect is like, one of those scary girls who works at Express and always looks perfect and dates grown businessmen and knows where to score coke. You know those scary girls? Born like twenty and never age thereafter? Caleb's so good at everything. It really makes you think, doesn't it? It has been my assumption that at any given time, there are six to eight feral children living in the walls of Rosewood High School. Given a Mercedes and a futuristic laptop and a nannycam teddybear, what might they, too, accomplish?

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