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Wait Until My Clothes Cling To My Frame

Red Jacket watches as Hanna makes her way into Corin's boutique, and calls out her hellos in a room full of terrifying white mannequins, but there is no answer. The lights go out, and -- just as the screen pops up a hilarious hashtag, #FashionVictim -- Toby appears and rampages around the place, knocking mannequins into Hanna at a furious rate until eventually she goes down. He takes off and A texts her ("Next time you'll be left faceless"), but not before something falls out of his pocket: The key to Lair 3.0. Everybody is so busy today!


Emily follows Caleb, hiding when necessary, to where he finally makes his meet: But who's he meeting? Emily doesn't get to know because Spencer texts her about Hanna's mannequin attack so she has to go running back to HQ. But it would interest her, I think, to know that it's in fact Paige. So, not really a therapist so much as the only other person -- now that Lucas has clarified his A-Team affiliations -- in Paige's position. Slick, McCullers. I see what you did there.

Paige: "I know it's tough, lying to the Liars."
Caleb: "No, this foolhardy plan of ours was something I was going to do anyway."
Paige: "It took so long to make Emily trust me, after all those times I drowned and roofied her. So now it's important to lie to her as much as possible."
Caleb: "I know, right? Hanna and I have broken up at least once every week since we started going out. Things are just now getting to be normal."
Paige: "So let's detonate the shit out of that by locating Lair 3.0."
Caleb: "I mean, it's not like A is keeping tabs on every single one of us, right?"
Paige: "Exactly! I'm still not getting how this show works either."


Emily: "Did you tell Mona you were going in for a job at that place, or what?"
Hanna: "No. But I have no doubt this is about me dumping her. I mean, I saw A in the actual place."
Emily: "I saw her at school at four o'clock. This was the other one."
Spencer: "I hate that she has minions now. Especially ones that own no shirts. Listen, this text message is pretty lurid. Do you think she's going to cut Hanna's face off?"
Emily: "Maybe. Or throw acid at her?"
Hanna: "Oh my God, you guys. I'm sitting right here."

Emily: "This key A dropped, maybe the cops could..."
Spencer: "Are we ready to talk about how A never went away?"

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