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Wait Until My Clothes Cling To My Frame

Emily: "I think maybe there's an entire army. An A-Team, if you will."
Spencer: "I'm worried about going to the cops. She still has evidence of us finding a shovel that time you were roofied and time-traveled around to Ali's grave. And we don't know her endgame..."
Hanna: "Apparently cutting my face off is part of it. Thanks for that. No, you know what? I don't care. I say we alert the authorities. I can't deal with another mannequin attack."

Spencer: "Fine. I don't have time for this shit. But we have to ask Aria, it has to be unanimous. And since she's not answering any of our phone calls..."
Emily: "You go do your anniversary crap. Clearly that's the priority here."
Spencer: "Thanks for understanding."
Hanna: "You should wear five-inch heels and nothing else."
Spencer: "Hanna, what on Earth?"
Hanna: "A little wolf told me that's what boys like."
Spencer: "Toby's already going to be half-naked, if history provides any example. I'll see how it goes."

Emily: "Hanna, you scamp."
Hanna: "I am! I am a scamp."


Alison DiLaurentis goes ahead and lets herself into Aria's room while she's drugged, the better to rifle through all of Aria's shit. She finds Aria's hiding place immediately: A secret compartment with a scary doll in it.

Aria: "Hey, Ali. What's up?"
Ali: "I'm not dead, for starters."
Aria: "You have my attention."
Ali: "It's kind of like Lovely Bones. I see everything. Doesn't help."
Aria: "Do you see A?"
Ali: "Everywhere I look. Spencer should really be more careful."
Aria: "Did you really blackmail my dad?"
Ali: "I needed the money! But I never actually called your mom or anything. And Byron's certainly coming around these days... When the chips were down with Ezra's mom, for example..."

Aria: "Tell me the truth."
Ali, verbatim: "If I tell you the truth, you don't have to believe it."

Aria: "Did my father kill you?"
Ali: "I'm not dead. Also, don't drink that poisoned tea. Meredith's looking for these pages, too. I gotta go."
Aria: "Well, if you gotta go. Who am I to question you at this point. I am high as hell."
Ali: "You know why I picked you, right?"

She winks, she vanishes. Love that girl! When Aria wakes up the doll's where Ali left it, by the bedroom door. She thinks better of drinking her poisoned tea, and quickly figures out that she is locked in her bedroom and that Meredith has trapped her, which I guess takes precedence over the fact that she was just visited by a ghost, who moved her shit around.

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