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Wait Until My Clothes Cling To My Frame


Emily: "Sorry about your mannequin-related injury. There's a boy on the swim team who is like double-jointed, so if he'd been attacked by mannequins probably it wouldn't have worked out like this."
Hanna: "Emily, your brain works a weird way."

They pass a drugstore just at the time that Meredith is flipping out on the guy.

Meredith: "But I need more Klonopin! It is to calm my nerves!"
Guy: "Clonazepam is a class 3 medication, ma'am. Get your doctor to call in a refill."
Meredith: "BUT MY NERVES."

She stacks up a shitload of OTC allergy meds instead, making the Liars's eyeballs go wide. While Aria tries to break out of her own bedroom, Hanna and Emily use the internet to figure out what Klonopin is for, which is to make Aria very sleepy. She doesn't notice them lurking, which is good.

Over at the Montgomery house, Aria has given up on freedom, and instead smashes a mirror and wraps her hand with a nearby Aria Scarf to create a makeshift shiv. Which is so very wonderful. I can't say I've ever been prouder of the girl. "Oh, feed me poisoned tea? How about a jagged mirror shard to the face, you like that?" That's some Spencer Hastings-quality zero-to-sixty shit right there.


Toby's big old face he's got appears suddenly at the door, scaring the shit out of Spencer plus everybody. He is there because they can't have their anniversary, due to Veronica's big lie, so he wants to drop off some flowers. Some flowers and some murder! The whole time she's putting them in water, he's making those evil faces he makes, and she spouts so many lies it all just sounds like white noise: He notices the Lair 3.0 key, and Spencer immediately says it belongs to Melissa, blah-blah. It is very sad because they talk about how much they love each other, and he's never looked sweeter or more angelic. She sits around once he's gone, praying it's not what it looks like -- because if he's A, then he knows damn well where that key came from, and everything is only just starting to fall apart.


Meredith wakes Aria up later, with the jagged mirror shard to her throat. Awesome! She has not taken the precaution of wrapping her hand with a nearby scarf, so the whole time she's menacing Aria and barking crazily at her, her hand is just bleeding all over everything.

It is by far the most intensely excellent Aria thing that has ever happened. And yes, I am including that time she sang a duet with Noel Kahn out of the blue.

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