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Wait Until My Clothes Cling To My Frame

Meredith: "Quite the clever girl. I've searched every inch of this house!"
Aria: "Are you seriously drugging me in my tea? That is crazy."
Meredith: "Don't be such a fucking drama queen. I am taking care of you. Through poison."
Aria: "Uh, and you locked me in my room. And you're bleeding all over my duvet, which. And I am high, and there are ghosts, and a doll, and it's all just a lot right now."
Meredith: "You're not turning those pages over to the police."
Aria: "It is not your prerogative! Also, my friends totally know about the pages, so whatever you're thinking of doing, it's not gonna..."
Meredith: "Bitch I am not thinking. We are well past thinking."

There is lightning! It shocks Meredith, because the thunder is so loud! So Aria, who is moving with a sprightliness now that she is no longer drinking poison all day, gets her bounce on...

And then immediately Arias the whole situation right up, desperately trying to use the landline instead of running out into the night. So then Meredith just bashes her fucking head in.

This is maybe the best episode of this show that I have personally seen. There are still twenty minutes left and Meredith just chased Aria around her house with a homemade knife and knocked her the hell out, Emily and Hanna are well aware that Annie Wilkes is in the hizz, Paige and Caleb have started a secret Third Faction, Mona's still maybe got some plan on the books for today, and Toby still has yet to challenge Spencer for his Lair key. Plus an attack of mannequins and another Ali visitation from beyond? Pretty Little Liars, I love you so much.

Emily: "Aria! If you are being held hostage in that house, knock your head against something two times!"
Hanna: "I think we should just break in. Or drive a car through a wall, that's always worked for me in the past. Just not load-bearing. I don't think we're going to have an on-call teenage contractor for much longer."


Toby: "I am on my way home. How is your dad's pretend dinner?"
Spencer, grimly: "It's going well. I can't wait to surprise you when you get home."
Toby, very tobily: "I also plan to surprise you when I get there."

Toby looks really good in this episode. It's like how Garrett's hotness was never entirely apparent until the day he died. It's only on second viewing that you realize how true that is: She knows. She knew. Poor Spencer. Right? Isn't that how this goes? Because if she found the laminate at his house, that would have happened in the first scene. Which means every time we go back to Spencer and her big anniversary plan, she's actually laying a trap?

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