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Back at the hospital everybody is trying to be supportive about Emily's big coming-out and how horrible her mom is, and then talk turns again to the tree ("So, the whole tree?" It's just funny every time) and decide that either A has a split personality ("That's great, homicidal and nuts") or A and the person who killed Alison are two different people. Hanna is weirded out about this, they all are, but then before they can explain it over and over to each other like usual, they notice the blatant A message on Hanna's leg, left while she was out of it, and they all go crazy about cleaning it off:

Sorry about losing my temper. My bad. Love, A.

Next week: Ezra and Aria break up but then get back together. Mona and Hanna, same deal. Spencer manages to sleep with Ian on their wedding night even though it already happened. Holly Marie Combs looks tired some more. Mike Montgomery has more emotional troubles and then busts Toby Cavanaugh out of jail. Ashley Marin kills some people for their jewelry, and then makes a stir-fry for Aria's wormy dad. Emily is sent to But I'm A Cheerleader Camp, where she runs into Noel. A and Alison's killer get together and stage a movie musical of her death, starring everybody that has ever been on this show, because they are all Ali's killer and also A. Jenna comes to the rescue after Maya gets caught renewing her Boniva prescription.

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Pretty Little Liars




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