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Toby's new hobby is running over Lucas, who may have pissed off Mona, who is in cahoots with Janitor Harold, who is going Henry Darger on Alison's diary, which indicted Byron, which pisses off Aria, which circumstantially seems linked to the blowing-up of her dad's girlfriend Meredith, who is a bitch and probably deserved a little blowing up. Now Emily's trapped in her robotic house, Spencer's got no idea her beloved half-brother Jason is all tied in with the A-Team (and Ezra), Hanna's still trying to figure out her complicated relationship with Mona, and Aria is ... watching movies, content in the knowledge that the A-Team will probably go back to ignoring her now, and more focused on her thousands of separate-yet-connected daddy issues.


Aria's watching the ever-so-PLL Night Must Fall, with Rosalind Russell, when Byron enters. The story's about a super-charming psycho who worms his way in with the ladies of the house by daylight -- which is every episode of this show, of course -- and this is the version adapted by the playwright John Van Druten, which is an amazing coincidence, as he's all I've been thinking about since October. Proving once again that no matter how much I protest, Aria Fucking Montgomery and I remain, basically, the same god damned person.

Byron: "You know how I accused you of blowing up my girlfriend? Well, the cops figured out who did it. So, I'm sorry."
A Normal Person: "That is a relief. Who did it? I can't wait to tell my friends, since we were framed for it and probably know who it was. If it was Mona, that's something I need to know. ASAP. Preferably before I wake up with her standing over me with a knife in her hand and lipstick all over her face."
Aria, Instead: "Fuck you. I'm watching a movie."

Byron: "Oh, I've seen this movie! That dude keeps a head in a hatbox."
Aria: "Spoiler alert, dicknail."
Byron: "Look, I'm trying here. You know that's basically like seeing a unicorn, right?"
Aria: "Just let me sit here in the gauzy living room with my hair looking amazing, 'kay? If I don't have emotional extortion on my side, I got nothing."
Byron: "Welp. Parenting. Gave it a shot."


Everybody else? Also looks amazing. Hanna's rocking a black quilted SWAT number that makes her look like the Resistance from something on Syfy, while Emily and Spencer are wearing stealth jackets with the collars up, doing wondrous things to their bouncy spycraft hair.

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