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Do It To So-And-So

Spencer: "I think she played weak on purpose. What does she care? She doesn't have to hide behind A anymore, now that she's got this whole cult of personality thing going on and she doesn't have to act stupid anymore. She can come after us in the open."
Hanna: "She's going from Dark Hanna to Dark Spencer, but with all the emotional kicked-puppy powers of a Dark Emily. No wonder there's no room for Jenna anymore."


Emily: "Wait, so we're having a sleepover? Won't your/my parents ixnay that?"
Paige: "Just stay downstairs, it'll be fine. You look nice in my granny nightgown. Frankly, I think my parents are just glad to see me using human words and noticing light and sound."
Emily: "We both know this is all my fault, right? I brought you into the A game."
Paige: "Don't worry about it, you were amazing tonight. You refused to get scared, you chased her into the woods..."
Emily: "I still get scared, I just... Turn it into rage. So far it has kept us both alive. And it turns out I fucking love it. I almost entirely get why Spencer is like this now."

Emily: "Listen, you need therapy."
Paige: "What? Me? Paige McCullers?"


Aria: "There's that flu coming around, as predicted. I sure hope either one of my parents is available to take care of me!"
Meredith: "Nope!"
Aria: "Thanks for taking care of me, Meredith."
Meredith: "Yes. To death. Listen, do you want me to hold onto those diary pages?"
Aria: "...No. Thanks."
Meredith: "Did he kill that girl? Is that even possible?"
Aria: "I mean..."
Meredith: "Well, he'll be gone a couple days, so we can figure this all out together."
Aria: "Are you fucking crazy?"
Meredith: "Yes. But I'm in this to win it."
Aria: "Thanks for the tea. I hope it is not poisoned."
Meredith: "You betta! See you next episode, if you live that long."


Kind of. There are three. First, Byron in the middle of the night sketchily packs up some stuff in his office and leaves. Then Mona appears, reporting on his exit from his office and promising to call the person back. Then another A, presumably, presumably Toby, buries some Halloween masks near some train tracks: First the white domino that both Caleb and Mona were wearing, and then the Harlequin/Queen of Hearts that roofied Aria. So, lots of action.

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Pretty Little Liars




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