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Do It To So-And-So

Hanna: "Wait, why did we just break into this school in the middle of the night? I mean, it's more beautifully lit right now than it usually is in the daytime, but..."
Spencer: "-- Because breaking into it during a charity marathon nearly got us nicked."
Hanna: "Right, but like why?"
Spencer: "Because if Garrett was right about Byron, I'm going to have to completely rewrite the insane scapegoating narrative in my head that is our only directive."
Emily: "Exactly. We need to know who to hate beyond all logic or reason, now that the NAT Club is either dead, or Spencer's brother, or transferred to that magnet high school for the formerly blind."

Oh my God, so scary. Just before somebody in a black cloak-looking hoodie arises from the fucking shadows like one of Draco's aunts, Spencer goes, "Somebody's in here." Yikes! It's worse that way! The person runs off and they're like, "Once again, we did not get that person's vital information." Then, they note that Harold's stuff is entirely cleaned out, and only Ali's diary is left. What does it contain?

Well first of all we need to talk about Ali's Diary. It's not like a normal diary, with a certain number of pages that physics can calculate. It's more like, speaking of Harry Potter, something out of Harry Potter. So not only did Ali, pre-mortem, fill that thing up with her hilarious stories about Li'l Bunny Byron & The Sumpin' Sumpin', but then there was also room for Harold's hundred-page crazy letter to Mona in there. And now? All of that shit is gone, but there are still the same amount of pages in the now-blank book, in which A has written a mean note to scare them. Tear that out, even just for the kindergarten "A" handwriting I don't recognize, the number of pages will not go down, it will remain constant.

Basically what I'm saying is that Alison's Diary is Hanukkah.


Aria: "That's really interesting how A jumped at you out of the basement shadows, but hang on while I tell you about these amazing dreams I've been having. They are all about me."
Hanna: "Do your teeth fall out at the end?"
Aria: "How did you know that?"
Hanna: "In mine, I have gum in my hair and I just keep pulling and pulling until I'm bald."
Liars: "Possibly our lifestyle of almost being murdered every day has put pressure on us, psychologically."

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Pretty Little Liars




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