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Some hot nerd explains last week's A-Tag: The guy who took the header was the person who was keeping Spencer from becoming the head of the Academic Decathlon team. (Meaning yes, it was Toby? I'm fascinated wondering how much of Toby's A-ctivity seems to be about just doing shady shit on Spencer's behalf that has nothing to do with Mona or the Red Queen or Alison or anything.) It's good that she has this activity, for her transcripts if nothing else. You should be involved in at least one thing if you want to show some range, and otherwise Spencer Hastings would just look like a slacker.

Hot Nerd: "Also, Mona Vanderwaal is joining the team."
Spencer: An amazing face.
Hot Nerd: "Oh right, she tried to kill you a million times."
Spencer: Even more amazing face.
Hot Nerd: "That must be pretty weird for you, huh?"
Spencer: A face so amazing the table starts jumping around like we're at a séance.
Hot Nerd: "I mean, she's a hyperadrenalized, omniscient ninja supergenius who holds the keys to manipulating our mundane reality on the atomic level. That could really help, competitively speaking."
Spencer: Her face shoves his chair back across the lunchroom and into a window just by being such an intense face.

Mona: "Here's all my paperwork, you guys!"
Spencer: "Fucking hell."
Hot Nerd: "Now, time to elect our team captain. Running unopposed... Oh wait, no. Spencer and Mona, you guys are up for the vote. Even though Mona joined the team literally right before I am saying this."

Spencer: "What in the serious fuck, Mona?"
Mona: "Look, I played dumb for a really long time. That's boring now, I want to be myself. I kept up with my schoolwork while I was ... away..."
Gay Side-Eye Kid: Most amazing and gif-able face of all.

Everybody on the team is amazing, what a great group of kids. Hot Nerd calls the vote, and -- "I had some time to campaign," Mona giggles -- it comes up a tie. Time for a quiz-off, according to the bylaws (according to Mona).

Hot Nerd, you can actually see the moment he decides to keep his head down and stay out of this fight between the two craziest bitches who have ever lived in Rosewood. So. Quiz-Off. This episode was already so great, and now this.

Hot Nerd: "Spencer, just... Nobody asked her to join, okay? Let me take off my glasses to become even more dreamy and sincere. Just do your Hastings thing, and spank her in this Quiz-Off like I know you can."

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