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Do It To So-And-So

Meredith: "I saw you talking to your daughter yesterday..."
Ella: "Yeah, well. Families do that. Even after they get wrecked. By sluts."
Meredith: "I assume it was about me getting exploded?"
Ella: (Weighs whether or not it would be worth telling her to get over herself.)
Meredith: "Because I'm not going to pursue it..."
Ella: "Pursue what, you asshole? They got the guy."
Meredith: "I jumped to conclusions. It's true. But I hope we can all be friends or something stupid."
Ella: "I've got a hot boyfriend, Byron's moved on (to keeping heads in hatboxes). You are irrelevant. Nothing easier than keeping that shit professional."
Meredith: "Great! I'm so glad we could have this weird, awful talk."


Emily: "I love your room, man. I love how it doesn't have robot windows."
Aria: "So we still don't know who was actively helping Mona, and now Jason is on the table again. Ugh. And I talked to Ella yesterday. She was apparently blotto that night."
Hanna: "So your dad roofied your mom? Is that what we're saying? Because drunk moms, not to brag, but they're kind of in my wheelhouse..."
Aria: "I mean, that's somehow even worse than when we just thought he buried our best friend alive. That's like, Aggravated Finding A Shovel, if he got Ella drunk."
Emily: "Well, maybe he was just sneaking out to fuck Meredith."
Aria: "Very helpful, Emily. Also, I have the flu. I don't know it yet, but I am coming down with the flu, which is why I was watching that movie at the beginning of the episode, because next week is going to be that movie."

They get into a situation of trying to remember exactly what Alison wrote in her diary, about him coming to meet her the night she flew an airplane back from Hilton Head, and Aria goes looking around her desk full of poems, fan fic drabbles, sketches of fairies, and whatever other crap she does when we're not looking. Guess what's missing? A certain sumpin' sumpin'. They start throwing around Aria's boots looking for the diary pages -- somehow, Hanna can make even a boot search entirely adorable -- and Byron appears out of nowhere.

Byron: "Quite a mess you're making! Lose something?"
Emily: "Uh, yeah! A... Um, a boot! Oh look, here are some."
Byron: "You know how you always used to hide your Halloween candy in your winter boots? Because I sure do remember that. Smart hiding place. You clever, clever girl. Anyway, I'm off to go drink milk probably."

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Pretty Little Liars




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