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Taylor Doose Will Have His Revenge
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Ah, dinner at the Applewood Grille. Nothing finer for a nice loud public conversation about your blackmailing by a serial killer than when horrific stuffed heads and monster mannequins are being set up all over town. This episode is visually stunning, one of the most beautiful to date, but it does sort of strain credibility that the entire town is being turned into this sort of Orgy Of Halloween-Gras for the Founders' Day Festival. I talk about the visual brilliance on this show a lot, the Hopper and Register and the way the colors work, but dang, seriously, some of the scariest shit you've ever seen is just hanging around in the background here, so that scarier other shit can jump out at you the whole time. Back in Stars Hollow it was like, paper stars and maybe some bales of hay. Not Pinhead and the Cenobites and Christina Aguilera masks all over the place.

Liars: "So to recap the last scene from last week, your SPENCER bracelet had some bloody sweater fibers on it. So now everybody thinks that you stashed the sweater at Toby's house to get him in trouble or something, even though that's now the second blood sample that was either inconclusive or came from a rat named Spencer."
Spencer: "Somebody is watching us."
Liars: "Firstly, somebody is always watching us. Secondly, don't be silly, Spencer! You're always wrong about everything despite being about 240% more competent than the rest of us combined."
Somebody: (Is Garrett the Cop. Is totally watching them, standing among a horrible bunch of mannequin monsters somebody has set up to stare into the Applewood Grille, like a reverse nativity scene of those quiet dudes from Buffy.)

The other thing that is going on with the bracelet is, maybe somehow Jenna got Caleb to steal the bracelet -- "He doesn't need an invitation, he broke into a vending machine with a spork!" -- so that she could frame Spencer somehow, because we still think Jenna has something to do with Edna Garrett's Teahouse & Bracelet Concern, but the only reason this comes up at all is because we need to remember that Hanna is feeling terrible about the Caleb thing because she may have literally slept with the enemy, so please don't talk about Caleb or use the C Word if possible. Because the Liars have no patience with each other but especially not with Hanna, they immediately task her with finding out from Caleb for sure.

Mrs. Hastings: "Melissa, tell me all about each of your prenatal vitamins!"
Melissa: "We are the most interesting people."
Mrs. Hastings: "You're telling me!"
Melissa: "Actually, I am telling you. The whole town is abuzz about how Spencer's SPENCER bracelet had fibers on it, and how also the cops searched our house. Once again, Spencer is ruining everybody's lives and should be drowned in a sack like a cat."
Spencer: "Morning, bitches."

Mrs. Hastings: "Morning, sweetie. We were just saying how fun it would be if you, Melissa and the guy you've both dated who has now impregnated your sister were to work all day together at a Founders' Festival booth run by Sean Ackard's mom, the church lady."
Spencer: "Sorry, what part of any of that sounds like a good idea?"
Mrs. Hastings: "The sad truth is that your jury will be made up of your peers, and in a small town like Rosewood that means getting in good with everybody while the good-getting is good."
Spencer: "And since Mrs. Ackard is literally the most judgmental person on the planet, I should kiss her ass?"
Mrs. Hastings: "Precisely. And no more hanging out with that Toby. They'll think you started a club of people who have killed Alison DiLaurentis."

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