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Taylor Doose Will Have His Revenge

Which may well be true, but That One Night was already so fucking complicated and now you got Alison dropping off secret keys to secret storage facilities apparently without a paper trail in order to be as cryptic as possible about how she had this footage that was somebody else's footage that she shouldn't have, I mean, when does it stop?

One hopes never. See you in a hot minute for the finale. I assume you understood the joke of this week's recaplet, which was a reference to a Barth story, but it occurs to me 24 hours later would probably be super fucking annoying if you didn't know that. But then, it's generally regarded by people, also me who hates postmodern anything, as a pretty much essential short story of the last thirty years, so I say: Give it a spin and stop whining. They can't all be "A Rose For Fucking Emily."

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