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Previously: Oh, previously. Lots of Emily swimming and lying and pretending she was going to get recruited by this college. Melissa's fiancé fell in love with Spencer, as per usual; she's now sneaking around at all times bearing much news of devil babies and zombie lovers. Aria lost her shit about Jackie Molina sixteen times and her boyfriend was like, "This relationship with a teenager is so immature." Ian is possibly alive, despite his strangulation, and maybe living in the yard of the girl he killed. Jenna and Garrett have a Jason Thing they've got going on. The Liars are still technically broken up, but not very good at it. Oh, everybody's house continues to get broken into and they're all just like, "Darn it, again?"


The Theory Now: Jason is hiding Ian in the old DiLaurentis house, which explains Melissa's constant creeping and Aria's bizarre idea that Jason is building fences to keep dogs from discovering him.

Spencer: "Jason is a wastoid from way back. Taking in creeps is something they do. Ask Hanna's mom."
Aria: "It's going to be hard spying on Melissa when we can't even hang out, like at old movie theatres, such as what we're doing right now, and also all the time."
A: Lurks, the film burns out, he comes running with a flashlight directly at them.
Liars: Scream, can't find their shoes.


Spencer: Wakes up on the Hastings couch getting molested by Melissa.
Melissa: "Don't mind me, I was just looking for my ring, which I left in the cushions of this couch because of water weight. Devil babies make you retain like a mother."
Spencer: "You know what this reminds me of is getting molested by each and every one of your boyfriends."
Melissa: "Don't be gross. It's very important that I find this ring. Zombies take the sacrament of marriage very seriously."

Spencer: "Can I answer the phone for you? I love answering your phone and staring at you all the time and being up in your shit."
Melissa: "Keep looking for my ring, I have to go have sketchy convos."
Spencer: "Cool. Talk in a low murmur at the top of the stairs while I stare up in the night looking absolutely gorgeous, okay?"
Melissa: "Like anybody could have a conversation on this show that you can overhear. Unless you have Jenna Cavanaugh Daredevil powers."

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