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Normally I don't believe that pretty = dumb or pretty = evil, because I myself suffer under the burden of stunning beauty, and I know I'm not dumb and probably I'm not evil.

But Alex Pettyfer, he makes me wonder.


Ashley & Dad: "We were just giggling sexily and having some coffee."
Hanna: "Gross. You can never take me to school, that's Mona's job. She's kind of my dad now."
Dad: "I would like to be your dad."
Ashley: "I would like that too. And my husband. It is cold out here in the real world, where cops feel you up in lieu of doing their jobs and fake architects impersonate other architects and they all reliably vanish in the middle of their own storylines."

Hanna: "Why were you guys all giddy and giggling?"
Ashley: "Reminiscences. Your grandmother once rearranged my living room."
Hanna: "That's his new family's problem. Stop buying his favorite creamer."
Ashley: "Grownups. Grownups do things like this. Like buying creamer and bitching about in-laws and cheating on their fiancées."
Hanna: "This is a last-chance grab at your ex-husband and I refuse to be a part of it."

Ashley: "I am in denial about almost every single thing in life."
Hanna: "Generally, I approve this strategy."


A nervous girl leaves Hanna washing her hands alone; awesomely, the other Liars come busting out of the stalls once she's gone, all at once. It's a beautiful moment.

Liars: "It's so hard not hanging out, even when we hang out all the time talking about it."
Spencer: "Emily, you need to A) moisturize and B) stop defrauding everyone."
Emily: "No, I'm committed to defrauding everybody. Also my mom thinks lesbians like rodeos."
Liars: "Don't they?"
Emily: "That is not the issue."

Aria: "Cool, I am taking class at Hollis U, where Ezra and Jackie Molina teach."
Liars: "It's cool when stalkees become stalkers."
Aria: "We'll see what happens. I'm sure to sail through it without embarrassing anybody or myself with my entitled antics and sudden rages."

Liars: Pretend they're hanging out with other people and not just themselves like always.
Spencer: "Meanwhile, up in everybody else's business... Are you and Mona shoplifting again?"
Hanna: "I am going to say no."

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