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My Name Is Trouble

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Swingin' Around At Nothing

A scary lady comes in looking like she was either a witness to, or is about to perpetrate, a murder; the Liars scatter.


Spencer: "Toby! I thought you were going to get your GED, why are you here?"
Toby: "More paperwork. I'm still not a student."
Everybody: Staring daggers at them, because they killed everybody.

Spencer: "As a high school student, I pretty do much what I want during my unstructured weekdays. Let's have coffee and do some shopping or something."
Toby: "I have a new job, I can't. It's majorly sketch so I don't want to talk about it. Okay I'll talk about it. I'm doing carpentry on Jason's house, building a fence to keep Ian from escaping."
Spencer: "You know how I feel about Ian, and this is technically about Ian. Why? Because everything is always about Ian."
Toby: "I need dollars, Spencer. To escape my sister's clutches. Here is a picture of the truck I will drive away from her."
Spencer: "You can build the fence, but that's it. No going inside the house."

Which... Put a spy in there, Spence. Come on. If Jason lets him do the work then Jason doesn't consider him a threat, and in fact they were both close to Alison and Jason might let something drop. I know that Toby is not like a spying wizard, but it will bring you closer together. And it's one of the few things you can pressure him about where he'll go along with it, which will make you feel good because you are a control freak and you know that Toby does better under supervision.

Plus, once he gets enough money to move out, you'll have somewhere to go when your parents are out of town and creepers are standing outside every window of your entire house and Melissa's got 136 awful things happening at once and people are coming back from the dead to molest you and you're having oddly expository dreams that are exactly like real life.


Hanna: "Lucas! You still exist! And I have no friends! Do sit."
Lucas: "Can't. I have a date with Caleb. At the hardware store."
Hanna: "I am uncomfortable with this. Confused and uncomfortable."
Lucas: "I moved him into my house, into the walls of my house. We're going camping this weekend!"
Hanna: "Heard that one before. I need to put a goddamn stop to this. Consider yourself aggressed. I'm going to befriend you like Mona would, which is to say bluntly and terrifyingly."

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