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Swingin' Around At Nothing

Hanna: "Aria, I'm sure. You're being just as fraudulent by taking Pottery with Jenna. I hope the first thing you make is a weapon. Like a pipe bomb so we can blow that bitch to Kingdom Come once and for all."
Aria: "Focus. Your parents are going to murder you."

Hanna: "When I'm in need of moral guidance, I say to myself What Would Alison Do?"
Aria & Emily: "And then you do the opposite?"
Hanna: "No way, you guys! I just constantly make terrible decisions!"


Jason has accomplished what Spencer cannot, and now Toby is shirtlessing himself around the yard looking amazing as ever.

Jason: "Let's get to know each other. I didn't think you killed my sister, even though everybody else does. Want to do a bunch of drugs?"
Spencer: "Hey guys..."
Jason: "Is that you, Melissa?"
Spencer: "Um, no. Why would Melissa be wandering through your yard?"
Jason: "[Some made-up lie], I guess."

Spencer: "Please quit right now, Toby. Just take Jason's money and buy a truck and get in that truck and drive away."
Toby: "Look, I know we're both children of privilege and it's hard for you to understand how money works, but I honestly am doing the smart thing here."

Jason brings out a shitload of bloody bandages and takeout boxes for the garbage, and it goes everywhere. Rosewood CDC! Even Toby stares about it, instead of like usual when he stares at Spencer staring at whatever thing because she never tells him anything about what's actually going on.

Jason: "[More made-up lies.]"


Surprise, Aria is terrible at pottery. Possibly so bad that she will actually admit it.

Jenna knocks some shit over and the lady asks Aria to help her out, and Aria lies and says her name is Anita so Jenna won't know what is up. Hopefully this will lead to "Anita" and Jenna being friends during the Breakup Period, which actually finally seems to be happening, which I would love and it would make sense that Aria could handle a relationship with Jenna that the others could not: Hanna beat her up in the bathroom, and the other two dated her boyfriend (slash brother).

Also, they are elites -- not the Spencer Hastings kind of AP, but the Literary Magazine kind of AP -- and in a post-Alison DiLaurentis world, you need your sisters around you. Matriculating Pottery out of the way at the local college, getting all your commencement ducks in a row. Through Pottery. Hoping to CLEP out of freshman Pottery. Like you do.

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