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Hanna, once Mom bounces to see a man about a horse: "No. No way."
Liars: "It's not like she actually wore them. It's not like she was wearing them when she died. They're just dresses. We're going to be in a fashion show anyway."
Hanna: "These are all perfectly valid things in and of themselves, but it's still freaky and weird and fuck this."
Mom: "I'm back and sadder than ever. Oh, and the board has already signed off so there's no backing out."

God I love this show. What board is this, exactly? Just The Board. Just the specific group of people you call up drunkenly at noon whenever you're a Rosewood mover and shaker who needs to get approval for girls to wear outfits. That Board.

Spencer: "I'll tell the committee. About how we're wearing dresses now, in this fashion show."
Liars: Long conversation about how they are going to have pictures of Alison projecting on the wall while they wear her outfits, like a tribute, because what Rosewood needs to do is take just a moment out of the hustle and bustle of daily life to remember the death of Alison DiLaurentis that they are constantly discussing and thinking about and mentioning and obsessing over.

Liars: "Do we have to pass the pictures by her mom make sure she's okay with the ones we choose?"
(No reason to reproduce that line, it just sounded super weird and I thought maybe it was an intensely regional way to get that concept across. Like how on Secret Life and before that 7th Heaven the people always get put "on restriction," instead of grounded, and it makes you feel like you're watching secretly Canadian television.)
Aria, jumping at her chance: "I'll pass them by Jason! I volunteer!"


Mona: "Hey Spencer, thanks for folding all those programs but we got a whole new set mocked up and done while you were stapling and folding."
Spencer: "Why did you do this?"
Mona: "Because you like folding and stapling?"
Spencer: "That's true, it is a favorite activity. But I feel like you are mutinying."
Mona: "Oh, I am the head of the committee now. That already happened."
Spencer: "Where was I?"
Mona: "Um, persecuting your sister's husband, discovering his corpse, being accused of stalking and murder and four-way hysterical craziness, going to jail, going to therapy, dating Boo Radley, stealing wedding rings, hanging out at pawn shops, driving trucks around looking sexy, blackmailing pedophiles, staking out motel rooms, being essentially parentless, and abusing your sister's fragile mind?"
Spencer: "Valid."
Mona: "Also, Noel Kahn is our DJ now. You probably knew that from the thrilling feeling you just felt when he walked in."
Noel Kahn: Sparkles at Spencer in that sketchy way you already knew he would.

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