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Free At Last

Aria: "If you're worried about Maggie, just tell her that shit about little boys and whatever."
Ezra: "The difference between us and Maggie is, she is a parent."


Spence follows Mona, still toting that money, into some scary woods. Always a top-notch plan.

Hanna goes home to see how drunk her mom is, but instead finds Wilden's car in her garage, still blasting that video footage and the lights despite it being three days later. The sound quality is, let's just say, astonishingly good, and we also get an answer to whether or not the video exonerates Ashley: It does, actually. You can't see him pull his gun, but the way he threatens Hanna like a million times in no uncertain terms? I don't get it.

Emily arrives at her destination, I believe it's the strange warehouse district/Diagon Alley where Caleb and Hanna did it standing up that time when they were pretending not to date. Settles in to just sit in her car in the dark for the next two and a half hours, waiting for something wretched to befall her.


Aria: "Malcolm, when your face is put back together, Ezra's going to take you on a real trampoline! Won't that be fun?"
Ezra: "I am afraid of trampolines, actually, but now there's no way to fight it."
Maggie: "Excuse me, Aria sweetie! You're standing between me and my child you broke."
Aria: "If we could just talk about my feelings for about eleven hours..."
Nurse: "Do you belong here?"
Aria: "Not really."
Nurse: "(Brutally draws the curtain, after shoving Aria six feet backwards.)"


The WTF about this show is, of course, its best thing. And while I have put in a lot of time screaming "WHOA WHAT?" and laughing delightedly at the screen, over the years, I have not had that many opportunities to be wholly dumbfounded by things that happen. I enjoy things in a different way than I did before this job. Like, I don't get scared by movies or TV shows anymore, for example, because they are pretend. And so with shocks and twists, there is a part of me that stands back and looks at all the different things that are going on: Was this earned, where did this come from, where is it going, what are the characters feeling, etc.

I don't think it's a less-excited feeling or enjoyment, it's just different. In the same way, even the most fucked-up things on this show, generally -- even the big reveals, Maya's death or Toby in the hoodie -- on some level I am scrambling to fit everybody into the puzzle while it's still happening: Jenna and Lucas are talking to the Black Swan and Paige is with Emily and Aria is with Ezra, so therefore Hanna's going to be the one who figures out that Mona has kidnapped Spencer, or whatever the thing is. Caleb brought the gun which means he's the one who got shot, but Emily stabbed Nate so he's the dead one, but then where is Paige, let's get some eyes on Paige, okay there she is, now find Noel Kahn in the crowd, got it.

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Pretty Little Liars




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