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Ashley: "Where you been? I got home and started drinking already."
Hanna: "I had to ... Aria something something. You eat?"
Ashley: "You know, I think I saw Darren earlier. In town. Standing around. I drove by the accident after that, and his car was missing. You know, how it's just been sitting on that road for days with the lights going and the door hanging open? Gone. At first I was like, Here we go, but then I thought... Maybe he woke up, bloody and broken and then just thought, you know, I really shouldn't have threatened that pretty lady's kid like that. I'd better just go on home."
Hanna: "That's really what you think maybe happened?"
Ashley: "Yeah, like it would just, um, go away. Wouldn't that be awesome?"
Hanna: "Kind of. Preferable to you hallucinating yet more ghost-people, ya wino."
Ashley: "Yeah, you're right. They can't all just head upstairs and never come down again."

Not to be glib, it's actually an amazingly acted scene. Probably one of the best ones of the episode, which is saying a lot considering everybody is great, and the Aria stuff with Ella, and Spencer constantly finding new ways to hurt. It's just tough to relate on paper, because Hanna's spent the whole episode balancing A stuff with Wilden stuff, and protecting her mom by telling her to shut up and not telling the Liars about what's going on, so to see her bring all that to the table with a nonfunctioning Ashley is a lot.

Watching her mother confabulate these fantasies about having not killed somebody, without even that gesture towards protective motherhood she usually throws in there, and all the stuff Hanna's been doing to the blackbox and the swamp and everything, and then just at the end being like, "Lady, you and I both know this is only going to become more of a clusterfuck over the next several episodes," it's just kind of sad and sweet and exhausting for everybody. Actually, it would be a lot worse if she hadn't gotten Aria involved, because then she'd just be stuck in this alone, or get it on Caleb who frankly has enough coming down the pike without also being a drowner of cars.


Ezra: "Hey, do you want to come over? Babies are boring and stupid."
Aria: "Nope. And that's exactly why. Call me when you're done being a grownup."


"No name, no ID, no cell phone, keys, nothing."

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