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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

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Free At Last

Aria: "So let me guess. You're moving here and your mom is getting a job here?"
Malcolm: "There is quite a high rate of turnover in your Rosewood teacher population."
Aria: "Between me, my boyfriend, his brother my other boyfriend, you, and your mom, this studio apartment is gonna get pretty crowded. In fact, it's already kind of closing in on... Are you hot? Is there oxygen in here?"
Malcolm: "Don't be silly. They haven't started hooking up yet. We're living in a hotel."
Aria: "Okay, well, nice to meet you. I am just going to get the fuck on out of here."
Ezra: "No, Aria! Stay! Make it weirder and weirder! What my son needs is more people in his life appearing and disappearing at random."
Aria: "Rosewood's guaranteed to give him that either way, but okay."


Emily: "All of Toby's sad shit is still here. I guess he really needed to get away from Spencer. I wish he had turned to me."
Hanna: "What? I was just watching the news on his sweet-ass TV to see if they found Wilden's body yet."
Emily: "Who?"
Hanna: "Don't worry about it. I made a promise not to tell you about how we ran over the guy you've been tracking for weeks and who has threatened our lives. It would only calm you down to know you had one less thing to worry about."
Emily: "Get your ass up and help me find the one clue we always find everywhere we go."
Hanna: "No. This is stupid. I have werewolf problems and vehicular problems. I can't also be dealing with Toby. If Spencer says he's A, he's A and good riddance. I'm not gonna get my panties in a twist."

Emily: "He has never hurt us! Therefore he is not A!"
Hanna: "What? If he's A, you'd have literally no way of knowing that."
Emily: "He is the most honest and trustworthy person in Rosewood! A thing you cannot say about A!"
Hanna: "What? If he's A, you'd have literally no way of knowing that either."
Emily, verbatim: "I've been alone with him how many times now?"
Hanna: "On this show? In the last like five seasons? None. But even if we're assuming it occurred off-screen, how often was I alone with Mona? Uh, remember your scary massage?"
Emily: "Stop saying things!"
Hanna: "And the killer robot shower? We're cool with him doing that, too?"
Emily: "All we have is Spencer's word on that one."

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Pretty Little Liars




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