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Free At Last

Maggie: "Uh, if I don't find something soon you'll be working for three, so..."
Aria, desperate: "-- I can babysit! I have worth! Please, please let me be a part of all this."
Maggie: "Are you... Does your mom even let you babysit, yet?"


Receives that giant wreath from last week's A-Tag with a Condolences sash and a card reading, "Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips!" Remembering that she was warned not to rat out T unless she wanted to lose one of her 3, Spencer drags all the gals to the Brew so they can talk about their impending deaths.

Aria: "Whatever. You guys always take this A stuff so seriously."
Hanna: "Emily, you best leave the Toby hunt alone for now. When A starts sending funeral shit around it means it's getting real."
Spencer: "What? Emily I was very intense and scary on you about this."
Emily: "Look, it's not that I don't believe you. It's just that I am going to have to find my own meaning in all of this. I'm not doing anything you haven't done lately. Just faster and more efficiently because I'm not also losing my goddamn mind at the same time."
Spencer: "I hear you. But you're on a trail that's been cold for weeks. Don't you think if he wanted to be found, he would've been by now?"

To spare them the inevitable and unsayable, "Maybe that's truer for some of us than others," which is really the only place this conversation can end, they all simultaneously notice Mona at the register. Which means Mona's in town and, just sayin', that means Hot Andrew's back too. Somewhere.

(As is, possibly, Darren Wilden -- it's right before this scene that Ashley notices him standing around, watching her from a doorway, and realizes it's been almost two hours since her breakfast chardonnay. I'm gonna say it's really him, but then for some reason some people are saying that it's indicated he's been in his own trunk since the accident, which I can't figure out why you would think that, either.)

Spencer: "How the fuck long has she been standing there?"
Mona: "Oh, are you gonna choke me out again? Awesome."
Spencer: "No, I just wanted to thank you for the flowers."
Mona: "No idea what you're talking about. Maybe a little more mental health is on the agenda?"
Spencer: "If you harm any of my 3, I will ruin your face. And then your everything."

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