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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

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Free At Last

Mona: "Whatever, crazy. I got shit to do."

But oh, at the door, she turns back with that smile.

"Little tip on the orchids? Make sure not to leave them in direct sunlight. I did once -- they didn't make it through the night!"

Her gaze, meaning the focus of the camera, works its way down the line of all three Liars, ending on Emily. It's chilling and awesome and exactly that magical thing we were promised and have been receiving for 3B, this thing of having Mona in plain sight and still being scary as shit. That solving a mystery doesn't mean solving your problems; that any amount of overcoming adversity doesn't rule out future problems.


Ella: "Why are you here?"
Aria: "Why are you here?"
Ella: "Tax paperwork, why are you here?"
Aria: "[Random lie about how Emily is babysitting so she needs kid crap.]"
Ella: "I happen to know that Emily is working the Brew today."
Aria: "[Even more bizarrely random lie about how she meant to say Hanna.]"

Hanna Marin would be the best fucking babysitter on the planet. If there were a way to do it without getting arrested, I would love to get something like that going. I mean, can you imagine? The prettiest girl in the universe teaching you to put on lip gloss and telling you the best bands and all about her cute boyfriend and like, putting hot wax treatments on your hair, and styling your clothes, and telling you stories about vehicular homicide? Oh my God. You would be like, "Mom, Dad. Take the night off, go out and see a picture. This one's on me, you deserve it. Stay out as late as you want."

Aria: "So while I'm lying for no reason Jacob can fathom, do you think you could get this person named Maggie a job as a teacher? I guess with Meredith in the nuthouse..."
Ella: "Maggie who?"
Aria: "I mean, I don't even know her. She like, Ezra knows her? Or something? He left a voicemail. I have since erased it. But I guess she's a teacher. I mean, she's from a Secret World so I don't... You know how you're a teacher?"
Ella: "Okay fine, whatever."
Aria: "Also don't ask Ezra about her. His phone is broken and he left it in Denmark and he is also tutoring. Or he will tell you a heap of lies about how they have a baby together and stuff, it's like this funny joke just between us. Like how couples have funny jokes? So just get her a job and um, then I guess you can meet her or find out her full name. Okay?"

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