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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

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Free At Last


Hanna: "Babysitting is cool!"
Aria: "I know. I like how he just sits there playing a video game while we talk about our various friends getting murdered. What a great kid."
Hanna: "What happens if he moves here with his mom? Is that going to ruin your life?"
Hanna: "No, I'm sure it'll be fine. We've overcome worse. Like my dad wrecking his career, or his mom's constant Machiavellian destruction. Or me making out with his family members. This is just one more in a long line of problems we've caused for everyone around us."

Aria: "For the first time in my entire life, I was thinking about someone other than myself."
Hanna: "This should be good."
Aria: "If Toby's working with Mona, what signs did we miss? You know, like how he randomly brought Dr. Sullivan back into town right when she chasing us all of that cliff?"
Hanna: "Yeah, that is suspicious. I guess Mona knew we'd found the Lonely Woods Resort by then. I miss Harold."
Aria: "And you know what about Sullivan coming back at precisely that second was..."
Hanna: "She put her in Radley. Said all that wondrous bullshit about the adrenalized hyperreality and got her off the hook for killing and torturing everybody all the time."
Aria: "Pretty lucky, right?"
Hanna: "On the other hand, she fixed me. If it weren't for her, I would only kinda be the best one of us. She made it medically, literally true."
Aria: "You can still be a good therapist, even if you're getting blackmailed or threatened to do some questionable things on top of it."

A cop car goes by, sirens blaring, and Hanna wonders briefly if it's going to come get her, or if it's on the way to pick up Ashley, or Caleb's dad, or maybe it's nothing to do with any of that. But you know, she's already got a million things to be scared of that she can't do anything about -- but this jumping whenever she hears cops, she can take care of that. Especially if Wilden's dead, then she won't ever have to be afraid of that again. Until, you know, we learn the name of a third cop in town. So I guess this is when she decides to think about solving the Wilden issue on her own in some wildly outrageous fashion. Marinating on that idea, if you will.


Emily: "What is the point of you doing ... whatever your job is that we still don't know ... if you can't misuse police resources to track down my creepy friends?"

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