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Free At Last

Pam: "First of all, the kid's got a family. Of sorts."
Emily: "Not from the looks of it. They are clearly 'away.'"
Pam: "So maybe he's with them."
Emily: "Maybe he's not, though."
Pam: "Have you called him and texted him a million times? Of course you have. Hmm."
Emily: "This breakup with Spencer is... It didn't go well, from what I can tell."
Pam: "Look, you're a sweet girl. Great big old heart, sees the best in everybody. But that kid is Boo Radley. I've hated your friendship with him since he caused that fire."
Emily: "WHICH ONE?"

Pam gets called away, but lets Emily fuck around on her computer just long enough to almost get a picture of the real "E. Lamb" from whatever database. It's a very suspenseful sequence, even though nothing really happens and she gets interrupted by a text from Toby saying, "Okay fine, come meet me."


In the time it takes Aria to get a juice box out of the refrigerator, tragedy strikes. Malcolm falls off the futon eighteen inches to his doom, causing Aria to fumble a buncha lemons in the air and start making noises like Mr. Drysdale's secretary. And I mean, visually it's hilarious, but you know that feeling of like, "What if I broke this person's kid?" The worst feeling in the entire, entire universe. So while I would like to point and laugh at the melodrama about to ensue, I really can't, because just the thought of that makes my stomach hurt. And I'm not half the fruitcake Aria Montgomery is.


Spencer is lurking on the steps (to Toby's?) when Mona gets a call: Somebody telling her to take a huge bag of money somewhere. Dressed in her finest yoga formalwear, Spencer follows.


Aria: "I should be banned from ever being around kids."
Ezra: "No, that's me."
Aria: "I nearly killed your son!"
Ezra: "He got some stitches on his chin. That's what life is, for a little boy. I mean, from what I hear. Wesley was like that, always jumping on futons. I mostly read sonnets and coughed quietly."

Aria: "Well, as long as we're clear it was an accident I guess I can stop pretending to care."
Ezra: "Not so fast. [Freaky third degree.]"
Aria: "Really? Because it sounds like you're pissed at me."
Ezra: "No, I'm just stressed out and taking it out on you. This is true love."

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